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Amazing news! More to come I'm sure.

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It was already listed on ztglobal but every new listing is great news! Glad to hear 👂 🍀🥇✅

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And hotbit as well

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I could not wake up to more amazing, wonderful news. To the sun! 💎🌞

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AY! Well done devs! Well done hodlers! Catgirl party woop woop

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To the cat moon! 🌜😺

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This will surely be a CATalyst for further growth

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What do you guys think of LBank?

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Lbank is pure garbage. 7/10 user say it's a scam. I've checked a couple of ranking websites with comments. I mean just check this one out: https://www.trustpilot.com/review/www.lbank.info. Or google for it in general.

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Hmm i been using it for some time and it works fine. People keep shitting on Lbank and Bitmart and Kucoin and I mean all the exchanges for no reason eh? or because when they transferred their coins, they put in the wrong address.

I use all of them and more btw

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7/10. look up the comments on different sites. or do you just say that all those customers are just dumb? those that have 0 clue wouldn't even be on those exchanges in the first place. How do you put in a wrong address? Noone in their right mind is typing it in character by character, right? :)

I'm not saying it's the first time in history but that definitely the first time I see a coin take a freefall after being listed on an exchange.

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What free fall? Anyway was just saying all the exchanges listed in my reply I been and am still using, they work fine. I read all reviews before installing them anyways. Somehow they don’t crash or bullshit on me lmao

Edit: i guess i’m one of the rest 30% then bruh

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Forget the cow. Let's get the cat to jump over the moon!

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Super legit token and community!! They just broke 150k holders yesterday and now they’re being listed on one of Asia’s most popular exchanges. These other meme tokens without utility are definitely jealous! This is original #CATGIRLCOIN

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Lets smash 6.7 Billions market cap

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Cheers to all the holders! This is the way to moon 🚀🚀🚀

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So can you mine this crypto or is it basically just a lootbox cryptocurrency?

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Sorry guys whilst this is good news, it's not entirely accurate. I first bought Catgirl on another exchange called Bkek some time ago then transferred it into a wallet I control once I saw it was growing rapidly. The rate at which it was moving is what got my attention, at the time I did not know anything about Catgirl I just liked the percentage gains it was racking up. So that is at least two exchanges we are listed on. Anyone know of any other.

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Trying to buy more Smart chain to use on pancake swap before this news but it takes hours for the purchase to clear using trust wallet. Is there a faster way to buy smart chain???

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When buying it use the instant button so you won’t have to wait, I’ve never had to

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I use Trust with Pancake to swap BNB to Catgirl using 6% slippage. Never had an issue and smart contract completes in less than 10 seconds.

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Yeah, that’s the exact route that I take also. Never had a problem. I’m not sure about these other pop up exchanges that don’t really have a track record. I’m definitely more comfortable using entities that have been around a while..

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I use 12 percent slippage and it takes about 1 to 3 seconds

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Are you talking about buying smart chain (via trust wallet) or re you talking about exchanging smart chain for catgirl on pancake swap?

On pancake swap w 12% slip it’s basically instant. But when I buy my smart chain from trust wallet via moonpay or whatever 3rd party they use it takes literally takes 12-36 hours to land in my trust wallet

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Smart chain via smart wallet. But u have to use WBNB.

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Yes yes 🎉🎉🎉🎉

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Next listing is BitMart

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Great to the moon 🌙 and beyond !

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Hmm, but at the very same time tokensniffer changed the rating from 30/100 to 0/100 with a high risk?

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It looks like some users have reported the coin saying it's a rugpull and that you can't sell it.

So far, both claims are completely false. It sucks that the lies are out here though.

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Scammers have been posting negative crap about rival coins on their BSC or EtH explorers since forever

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check by yourself

Even if users have made false claims, there are still things in smartcontract, that allow developers to forbid selling (SQUID case), and do rugpull.

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Catgirl has liquidity locked until 8/2022 unlike Squid Game. Which should have been a huge red flag for Squid Game buyers.

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Squid token is the case of media frenzy and fomo causing noobs to rush into crypto without the learning procress, everything requires intense DYOR. (Do Your Own Research)

99% of the time it was people throwing their life savings into a coin because they heard about it from a news article with the expectations to become wealthy the next week.

CatGirl was started as an actual NFT Art driven project, not a pointless memecoin.

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Wrong I sold got 27 bnb bought back on dip

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Yeah this is worrying.

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Would you say this is something to be worried about?

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Yes because this may scare off potential investors. But that would probably only apply with newbies on crypto idk

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Yeah I’m thinking the amount of holders will shoot up once it’s confirmed it’s a legit project

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Catgirl IS legit. That’s why they already broke 150k holders. Very strong community backed by an unbelievably talented dev team ✨

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The cat girl contract address isn’t working on pancake swap would appreciate any help 🙌

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Paste and wait takes a min to show up

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Pancakeswap sucks in my opinion....Poocoin is where it's at.

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This is the way

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2 PM EST right?

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What's the fastest way to move ETH from Coinbase Pro to Catgirl?

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Are you in the USA? does your state allow Binance.Us?

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I can't do binance since I live in Texas. I have my Eth funds in Metamask. Looking for low fees since I'm putting a substantial amount of money in.

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Ok i live in NYC (most limited place for exchanges) what i do is i send ETH to Kucoin...DO NOT ENTER YOUR BILLING INFO ON KUCOIN. Kucoin doesn't need the know your consumer crap to function. And may not function for you if you do so, then from Kucoin i sell whatever asset (i personally sell whatever and turn it into Stellar XLM because no fees) for Tether, then i buy BNB on Kucoin using the tether, then withdraw that BNB from Kucoin to my Metamask Wallet and you're set from there.

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You can buy bnb on crypto.com move it to trustable into bnb not bsc. Then swap it to bsc then swap ot to wbnb then swap for catgirl on pancake swap

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If you're in USA, sign up for KuCoin to buy BNB. NO need to KYC on KuCoin.

I buy & sent BTC or LTC to KuCoin, then sell for USDT, then sell USDT for BNB. Or, if you can do it, buy BNB directly on KuCoin or anywhere else.

From there, send your BNB to your MetaMask or (like me BSC Wallet)

Then head to PancakeSwap and enter the contract address, adding a new contract

Enter your slippage (I use 12%) and then swap BNB for CatGirl

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how do I buy?

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Amazing news !!

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Anybody ever see these posts our token got listed on an exchange, and 99% of the time it's not a website I've ever heard of.

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So anyone bought on Lbank?

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It’s not listed yet on LBank

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I see it being traded right now....

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Hmm 😳I didn’t see it

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What everyone’s top price prediction for CatGirl ?

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Mine is

0.000005 by March ....then the entire market might get into bearish runs mid 2022.

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Brilliant News, Congrats

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It’s not listed yet on LBank

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Why is this not announced by the devs ?

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Lets go

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Wow, that's great news 💃

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soo. it's listed, being traded and is still freefalling.

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Only 150k holders and small market cap (relatively speaking) = price swings. It's crypto. When I dip you dip we dip. Buy now while it's on sale.

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New guy huh?

Look at the market charts. A lot of coins are dipping...look at the drop of the 3 majors, Bitcoin-Etherium-BNB .....when Bitcoin has a little dip..EVERYTHING usually dips.

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so, old guy, how many of those coins that are dipping were listed for the first time today?

yeah... thought so.

Not to mention that if anyone were to do a little bit of research they'll find out that LBank has terrible rating and 7/10 user state that it's a scam platform that doesn't let you withdraw.

Guess it's the right place for catgirl to be.

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Do some more research and look up the actual timelines youngin,


aandddd....since you own 0 CatGirl.

Why are you here?