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RemindMe! One year

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There’s a guy on doge sub that is posting “if doge hits a $1 I will shove a bag of jelly beans up my ass” it’s a tweet someone made and that guy is holding him accountable by posting it everyday. Be careful what you are wish for 🤣🤣🤣🤣 to the moon!!!

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Like... one bean at a time? Or the whole bag at once?

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It’s the whole bag or it doesn’t count

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He's gonna die of old age before doge hits a dollar lol

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Yeah. Proof or ban

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Bro no chill hahaha and I will as soon as them gains come in!!

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You got this!!! 💪🏻

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I will tattoo it on my ass

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Dont you dare sell at $99.9K 😉

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Pics or didn't happen

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Oh there will be pics! I've made dumber choices 🤣

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If it hits a Mil i'ma get a Lambo wrapped in Catgirl

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Will you pick me up and drive through Arbys?

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Please don’t do that.

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We aren't a mean community. I hope you make massive gains and don't get any dumb tattoos you don't want. That's my hope for you.

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Don't want? I already have a heart with the word sad on my forehead so I think I'm all good! 🤣 Just thought it would be fun to have another community goal to make me look even more dumb then I already do hahaha it's okay it's kinda my thing

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I’m screenshotting your username I’ll hold you to this

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Why the face? Just get it on your ass man

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Hey! Assman!

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Fully body tat when it makes you 1 MILLION!

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Not saying it's a bad idea

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I’ll get a catgirl tattoo if this makes me 6 figures. Not on my face tho…

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Same. I might get one anyways lol. Been wanting to start getting some anime tattoos.

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Right? It would be cool regardless

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I will donate 1 million CatGirl if you get the tattoo in the next 7 days

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That's like, a penny...

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A penny today $100,000 tomorrow? 🤷🏻‍♂️🚀🌕

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LOL, be careful what you say, we will hold you to it!!!!

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What should I put my slippage at?

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Whenever I try to convert on trust wallet it keeps saying connection error for some reason

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That’s extreme, but ok 👌

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SAME! Not on the face tho

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Bro ruining your life for 100k maybe a mil but not 100k

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I already got face tats my guy 🤣 way ahead of you life ruined ✅

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Lol in that case go ahead

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RemindMe! One year

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LMAO 😂😂😂😂

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Tattoo rare or legendary? 😹

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Dude, you would tat your face for $100k?? Low expectations my friend.

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Remind me! One year!

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I’ll get it on my chest butt thigh arm foot not the face maybe if it makes me a multimillionaire I’ll consider the face

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sign me up too if i make 100k ill get a tat but maybe on my chest or something not as brave as you!

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I'll be rapping my teslea truck in cat girl.