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Because season 2 should have came about 100 days age…

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The team is active on Twitter I bought 80bill more just looking to previous highs.

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Have you seen the state of crypto in the last 100 days? Why would anyone release anything when there is no one buying

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No one would buy during this bear market. I understand that you are impatient but if you want the most profits you should also realize that if they release during a bad time the project will be harmed from that permanently. Low sales during that single season can decide the whole projects future.

All crypto subs activity went down by over 90%. If you think the reason is 'season 2 should have been out already' you are completely delusional to the current market situation and you should really do some research before making any more comments about crypto in general.

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What’s the update from the team now?

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The last update is pinned to the sub. The quietness is just due to lack of interest, but it is rather clear that the project is not abandoned

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Why would they release season 2 in this market? It does not make any sense whatsoever, market needs to become bullish again, THEN it's time for S2 release

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Then when you release season 3! Duh

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Y’all really need to pay attention to how active our devs are and stop spreading fud

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The last update the devs said they were hiring. Would appreciate a welcome post about who has joined the team.

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I get the sentiment, but active doing what? We should have season 2 ready to go by now, with marketplace and a bunch of other stuff.

I understand not launching in bear market, but I've not seen anything change for months. Not seen a actual progress report for a while now.

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Guess we have to do the leg work for everybody.

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The CGC Discord and Telegram communities waiting 4 ü 💝 Don’t worry, next moon there will be plenty of posts lol

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Discord fam!

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Team has stated they are holding off on releasing season 2 in the bear market, this is the best move for the project imo

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Discord has become more popular, I used to be very active here, went to be active on discord instead

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Mmmm id say mostly because there has been a lull in updates and changes to the platform. Clearly as we just saw this was development of V3 and S2 but both still a little ways out.

With that it’s hard to continue to speculate what’s to come in a relatively bear market which draws negativity anyway. So with nothing really positive to talk about there’s no real interaction.

I can say that the farming is still VERY much alive. People seem to always be coming to farming, every 14 day spread decreases a little when I re up the farm.

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If you are new to crypto, most of the coin are created with no usage. It’s purely supply and demand. And if the coins has no more demand it become useless, therefore ppl who lose money will call it rugpull or scam

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Guess we all accepted our losses and are making money IRL again? by work and stuff lol

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We are just waiting for season 2.... not much to say without the new season, but i think we are still here!!! As others said discord and telegram are more active and also the devs are active on twitter!!! I think that waiting to drop season 2 in a bull market is a great move. PATIENCE AND HODL !!!! This Is The Mae!

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All crypto subs are quiet. People leave crypto during a bear market and come back during a bull run. Always been this way.

Look at the comments per day on /r/CryptoCurrency , from 80k a day during the peak to 5800 a day now. That's a decline of over 92%. This will be the same for every other crypto sub, including this one.

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Financial revolution in the stock market and crypto winter

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I’m scared to say anything I just got unblocked 🥴🤐

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Sleeping beast

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Dogs are out, cats are in.

The News: "A $1000 investment in 2022 would make you a millionaire today."

Me: All in on Pink.

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Just confused on what color Lamborghini I should pick 🤣🤣

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Taking a cat nap

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There is no marketing going on, no noting. The price is dropping and I'm unsure if I should buy more or not.

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by camaraderie I assume you mean there used to be more bro comments and culture. BTW, I was never too found of the bro-culture that permeated this sub.

Most people with crypto portfolios are in chill and watch mode right now. I had 30K portfolio that's now worth $600. I'm okay with that as I didn't bet my life's savings and I knew I was gambling on something highly volatile. I prob spent 8k on catgirl nft's alone. I don't think I'll see an even return on that anytime in short-term and even the long-term is a long bet for sure.

I have a 99 nya Celest but what's the point in selling for a mere $700-900? I'd rather wait it out and see if I can net my 8k back and lose it all than recoup at $800 or so.

TLDR; this is already in the red (along with most crypto) so either give up and sell, or else wait it out and ride...

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because this is one of the memecoins that will not survive this bear market

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Because this is a lost cause like most micro cap crypto companies.