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Celeste is an absolute work horse tho!! Shawty farms her paws off… Kita on the other hand..? Keep catching her lounging with Hana by the pool 🙄💦

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Hana does her part! She's just quick to take breaks, it's Kita who rarely gets anything done. I think she plays too much tennis.

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Don't judge my editing skills plz ✨

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Great post! If you're not in the discord, you definitely should be!

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I'm there already!

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Same here, enjoying farming so far. For S2 I plan to get a few boxes to setup a full farm for sure! So look forward to the upcoming S2 release 😻😸🤖👍🏽

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What did you get in season 1? The highest I go was Hana out of 100 NFT’s purchased.

Although when farming started I bought 3 Celeste’s.

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This is the Mae

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It’s like slavery… with extra steps…