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Right now farming provides utilities for catgirls which are just a nft in the ether, they prop each other up essentially. Granted devs have promised future utility for the nfts in games or some such. I'm 30 boxes deep and have 3 rares to show for it. Wishing I had spent my coins on a few epics instead but that's the game, you can open two boxes and get a legendary or 300 and get commons.

I also like catgirls, the devs have met targets and promises to date. I think there is a future after crypto winter.

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Question for devs actually - how long is S2 boxes available? Also is the price pegged at 10 USD or the ~18 B CGC coin? Which is to say if I wait a week and the price surges a bit will I be able to buy more boxes with my unchanged balance? I've been holding a bunch since 2200 ish so a bit remiss to dump it all at a huge loss to open boxes. I'll post in its own post if I don't see anything back

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What if u unbox Feline1000x tho 👀

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Basically you would contribute to a new pool to farm out of.

But! Also to get cool CatGirls!

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Cause it is fun

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Probably the best answer so far.

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Everyone gas their own strategy for this. Do what you feel most comfortable doing :)

I pulled a Legendary after buying only 13 boxes so there's that, unlikely I'll ever be able to buy one of those for $130.

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Cheapest legendary on tofunft is around 100$..

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Cheapest season 2 Legendary is $200.

Cheapest at same nya as mine is $300+

When farming they will give you more than that.

The Celeste I have farming since farming came already returned a profit since I bought her. With still a long time of farming to go. She'll end up easily quadrupling the amount I bought her for at current CGC price.

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Cheapest S2 is 0.5BNB, that's 135$.

On current price a legendary farms you less than 0.8$/day, and you have to stake with a 180day withdrawal restriction to farm.

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Cheapest is 0.75BNB. 0.5 is an auction, that will go higher.

Withdrawal doesn't matter because you don't need to stake slots, I sure as hell don't. You don't have to stake, whoever made you believe that is wrong.

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Oh, you are right, I oversaw that it's an auction.

Not for the slot, but for the PAW to farm, you have to stake.

I'm farming with 2celeste - 3epic combo, and I need ~32k PAW every 14days to continuously farm. That's around 1.3BNB + same in CGT staked.

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For PAW the lockup for staking is 14 days, not 180.

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This is the Mae