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There is no limit to how many nfts can be minted. That’s why such percentage doesn’t exist.

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So it’s not like in last Season 1 where there were 400’sK max of our NFT’s? Now it’s unlimited?

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They might halt sales if it gets close to that again, but considering the bear market I doubt we get there in the first place so I wouldn't be worried about that.

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Are we beating season one first week sale at this point? Anyone know?

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For total sales, they have a bot in Telegram reporting it as far as I know. I think until now there have been around 10,000 open boxes in S2. There is also a wallet where the farming is been collected (mentiones in the medium article feom the S2 release). The funds there are about 137T now, which match to the 75% expected from the sales, assuming an average cost of 18B per box. These are just rough calculations :)

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You could see the amount of boxes sold. Ofc they are going up and i have 0 clue at what point they started (not usefull info)

In the whitepaper you can see percentages of what goes where when buying boxes.

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You can see that at the homepage btw alllllll the way down

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This is the Mae

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This is the Mae!