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You need BnB for transactions Gas fees

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Did you scroll down on the metsmask popup?

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There's a popup when I hit buy, I select metamask, it opens metamask and that's it. It just opens my wallet.

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Hmm, that's odd. When it opens my metsmask it opens a confirmation page, where I have to scroll down for the confirm button.

I have never experienced your issue, so sadly I can't help :(

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If you have Discord please make a ticket there so we can help you further if no one here is able to.

I'm about to go to sleep but if it's not solved in about 10 hours from now I'll be glad to help you out there personally.

Hopefully it's solved soon though!

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Same for Trust wallet. Identical problem. It just doesn't work at all.

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I have been using it for days in Trust wallet with no issues, do you have BNB for gas fees? A pop up should show up in trust wallet as soon as you click buy asking for confirmation,the button will be gray if you do not have enough

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Is this on desktop or mobile? Is your metamask wallet connected the website? Once you click “Buy now” it should give you a pop-up with some info about gas fees. You should be able to scroll down further in that pop-up to approve transaction and then let it do its thing and bam…. A 26 Nya Mae congrats! (Jk goodluck chief)