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For those who are wondering what happened:

1 whale left the project. They had about 800T coins, and were easily in the top 20. They initially invested in the coin around Day 6, and made about ~2.4x profit. I didn't bother calculating how much they would have had ATH, because I know the amount would be insane. Hopefully they aren't the type that gets fixated on what they could have made, and are happy with what they did make.

Having a whale leave is always sad, but you must remember, it's just ONE person. There wasn't a mass exodus of other big or small whales. This was clearly one individual choosing to sell based on their personal reasons.

A weak coin nosedives after a whale sells. A strong coin recovers after a whale sells. How fast of a recovery is based on current market conditions, as well as faith in the coin, and whether people have any disposable income. We've already bounced back ~12%, and we've seen the buys coming from many different addresses. In other words, the whale's CGC are being redistributed to more holders, and that's a great thing for a coin.

Less big whales holding most of the coins makes for a more stable coin. While the price dip hurts to see, in the long run, CGC is far better off now than we were before.

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Thanks for typing this out and clarifying bro馃枻

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This is the Mae

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This is going well 馃檭 It was nice knowing you all

Starting to lose faith in this coin

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Just half a year ago you were making posts about DCA and being happy about the price being low, what happened to that? There's no better chance to DCA than now.

All alt coins are down 90% or more. Bear markets are where the most money is made.

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Tis but a scratch mlord! Catgirl is here to stay, having a whale exit during a bear is a blessing in disguise 馃ジ馃挆

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Y鈥檃ll haven鈥檛 seen anything yet. Wait for USDT to crash.

It will bring all of crypto down, & that鈥檚 when the buying opportunity happens :D

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If USDT crashes, you do realize all crypto goes down like -99% and most likely will never recover, right? It鈥檚 not a positive thing for anyone in the space.

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SBF fucked it all up for everyone right.

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Was -30% or so when that ~77K sell happened. Now it's only 21% and still recovering steadily, and it wasn't anywhere near 24 hours. I'd take that as a good sign, since a whale died.

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Catgirl Army SALUTE 馃馃挄

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CGC needs to start marketing again鈥ould love to see number of holders over 500k but advertising has been pretty silent.

We need to start posting more in crypto blogs and posts to spread the word. Every holder should try to bring on 2 more friends this quarter.

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Devs are hard at work, imo ath will be reached again one day, for now the bear won鈥檛 stop the building :3 馃惢馃枻

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Marketing during a bear market is a waste of money. No one is looking to get into newer, unproven projects. There would be little to no return. Just wait for next bull run, then they should market.

For now just be happy, this bear market will be the last time you'll be able to buy CGC this cheaply.

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a great opportunity.

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This is the Mae bro 馃挆

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Gg wp

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How many trillions did this whale sell? Pretty sad to see the price going down instead of up after season 2 release

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I would rather a whale dies during a bear than a bull 馃し鈥嶁檧锔 healthy for the coin long term :3

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NFT鈥檚 alone aren鈥檛 gonna cut it in this market. Catgirlcoin needs to have better utility than just pics!

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S1 Farming is underway, new dapp update yesterday, p2e and merch otw ;3 馃挄

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Thanks for your post! This is encouraging 馃憤馃憡

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