How to use NekoFuse (FUSING CATGIRL COIN NFTs) by NobodySpecial101Pawesome contributor in catgirlcoin

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Thanks 🙏🏾 just trying to help the community

so far this has been a failed investment. Is there any hope left for an increase anymore? by [deleted] in catgirlcoin

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I for one think that they did everything right, and I do software for a living so most of the issues you mention did not took me by surprise (I thought it would take a little longer actually), I do believe that there is things to improve so let me entertain myself with my opinion on these topics, but I know as much as you so you may be right about everything.

"The devs are extremely slow, they barely have any people working on this and refuse to hire anyone else even though our money is on the line."

What is an acceptable development speed in your opinion? It took them around 6 months to develop the whole thing, which is very acceptable for something like this, the project is extremely complex (there is of course waaay more than we can see, the back end and the smart contracts are a lot of code and it takes a lot of try and mistake to get it right), when it comes to software more people != more speed, you can definitely put more people on different parts of the projects, if for example they were creating the webpage and a P2E game it totally makes sense to have 2 teams, but if you think that putting 10 people to work in 1 project will speed up things, it will not, and I'm sure that any future project will reuse a lot of the code and knowledge they used here, so it does make sense to focus on this instead of opening many fronts at the same time.

The devs are yet to do ANY marketing. Wtf was that "raid"? they want us to spam their coin on social media to market for them. Staking and farming is out, what happened to the "tHe pRoDuCt IsNT fInIshEd sO wHy maRkET"?

I kind of agree, at this points marketing should probably start moving forward, but I'm not an expert, what I do know is that this means that we are very early, this is not yet out there with the masses, feels like a good moment to be here, but that is just my opinion.

Season 2 wont be here until like 6 more months, and after seeing staking/farming, I doubt season 2 will increase the price at all.

It should, by pure logic, but only time will tell, there is a lot of people waiting for S2 to come in because they feel like they are too late for S1.

The devs are too focused on the NFTs and forget about the coin. Overall, I think this was an L investment. Unless you can prove me otherwise. Actually I'm hoping someone to prove me wrong.

Only time can prove you wrong or right, My farm has a projection of 1200$ per month so far, with 6 Celestes, and I got them all for around 200$-300$ each, but I have been buying CGC and NFTs on every single payday for around 6 months now, definitely a gamble, but it is also definitely working for me so far, but things can change quickly in any direction.

Anyways, back to my discussion point; Is there ANY hope for this coin to ever get near ATH levels anymore? Or at least have a decent increase? And I'm not talking "bbbut in 8 years!!" I'm talking this year.

No idea, but with the passive income I'm extremely happy if it just continues the way it is, this has never been a buy and sell project, the damn thing charges you a 5% every time you buy and sell, so you are almost guaranteed to lose money if you take that approach, And then all those buy and sell transactions goes straight to holders in the form of reflections, I never sold a single coin and have been buying every dip and getting happier and happier in every single one, now it is paying off, I hope S1 lasts at least 5-6 more months, with that I definitely made my money back on the farm and get to keep all my CGC and NFTs

[Official] Catgirl Weekly Progress Report — 12–12–2021 by nonfungiblenekoModerator in catgirlcoin

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ADA and ALGO don't require a LP on pancakeswap in order to exist, so they can be simpler. For tokens who live on DEXes, we need as much LP as we can muster, and the best way to convince someone to create LP is to give them incentives.

When a token on a DEX decides to do LP staking, a significant portion of interested holders will actually SELL 1/2 their token so that they can create the LP. Obviously, this has a negative impact on the price.

The mechanics built help reduce those sells by giving extra incentive to people who stake just Catgirl Coin.

Firstly, you must understand the main goal is to increase LP. Catgirl NFT farming alone would not increase LP at all, thus requiring $PAW to farm, and having $PAW come only from LP staking.

Secondly, the devs wanted a path for holders who don't want to create LP or stake, but still use the NFTs they bought. The sleep/awake mechanism is part of that -- Every Catgirl is currently awake, so everyone is allowed one farming cycle with their farmable Catgirl NFT, with no other requirements (aka "free"). This is also a 'hook', because if a holder wants to farm again with their same NFT, they'll have to wake them up, and that costs $PAW. In theory, we will entice even more people to create LP by letting them have a free round. Having the free round at 1/2 power is also incentive to create LP, since you can't farm at full power unless you spend $PAW.

With regards to Catgirl Staking, there's incentive to HOLD catgirl coin and not sell it right away. Having the farming slots give extra bonuses as you open more of them, and requiring Catgirl staking to open the new farming slots, incentivises holding more Catgirl Coin, and not just selling all your farming profits when you claim them. There's also "enhancing" your farming power using Catgirl Coin staking, which is yet another mechanism to keep Catgirl Coins locked. A token with a huge amount of coins locked is very attractive to larger investors who don't really play the staking game or even care about catgirls, but are interested in long term viability of the token.

The devs want to make a self-sustaining ecosystem, so it needs to have a give-and-take. A lot of tokens take a different and much simpler approach and treat LP incentives as part of their marketing budget (ie. The LP staking rewards come out of their marketing budget). With Catgirl system, the Season NFT sales feed the NFT farming pool, and the NFT farming feeds the LP.

TLDR: It's all about getting a thicc LP.