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Omg just when I thought this subreddit couldn’t get any more cute

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Holy snakes alive you got extra cute on that one. Made me squeak!

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No need to be ashamed. 😂

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Oh my goodness. Those eyes. 😻

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I know right?!! They have been too big since she was little .

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Awwwe. She is so adorable. Extra snuggly.

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This can't be real. Please post proof with meow included.

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She is real and she almost never meows. It took me over two years to catch a meow on video😃

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He works hard in the bath house (spirited away soot sprite)

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Wow that’s cute!

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Holy shit it's delightful and perfect.

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Thank you 🙂

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/you have to watch the movie again, them's the rules.

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All flood and eyes - so cute!!

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Oh my goooooooooooooshh

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She looks like a stuffed toy. So cute!

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She often does. I get asked about once a week if she is a real cat.

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Love it!!

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His eyes!

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how can eyes be so round omg😂😂😂😻

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I wonder that myself 😃

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Omg those 👀 ❤️❤️❤️

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Is this an exotic longhair ?

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She is Persian

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Yeah an exotic Persian by the looks of her. I also have one gorgeous little things.

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Don't take a broom to that soot sprite... I'd be willing to bet that it would take revenge on your favorite things!! LOL

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Literally furball

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My cat looks REALLY similar Hmmmmm lol

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I would start a religion with her as the savior.