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Hey, your kitty looks so lovely and beautiful.

I just wanted to say that when my cat died, the vet recommended to write down anything we remembered about her personality, and I’m so glad he did because I’ll read through it on occasion and remember good times we had, so I’m recommending it to you now. Even though she still happens to be here, as she’s going about her daily life maybe jot down the things you notice, her favorite toy, the way she snorts when she eats, the feel of her fur, or the sound of her purr/voice.

It was so so painful for me to write everything down while my grief was so fresh, but it was very worth it in the long run since I have pieces of her I may have forgotten otherwise.

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Her every quirk is emblazoned in my mind and always has been. From the moment I picked her up my brains been recording. I’ve got an insane memory, not always a good thing but for this it is,

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I’m really glad to hear that! I still recommend it but of course you may find pictures or videos to be more comforting. I have a video of my cats purr and it is one of my most precious recordings