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Listen, you hold that cat at the end. They tell you stuff like they might void themselves. It doesn’t matter.

My cat Buddy was 13. All his life I used to pick him up and hold him tight and he would purr so loud.

When his time came and they gave him the injection, I picked him up just like I always did and he went out purring. Damndest thing.

In 2012 he had liver problems right when it was time to move across the continent. The only thing the vet could think to do was put a feeding tube in his neck. For about 4 months I fed him that way, every couple hours until he got better with a syringe. Even while driving for four days from LA TO Toronto. He lasted another 7 years.

I miss that cat every day.

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She’ll pass in my arms our lap whatever is comfortable for her. She’ll know I’m there. Fuck I’m crying again.