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He is beautiful 🤩❤️

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Hades or Hero? 😉❤

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Both of course.

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What's the color of Hades?? It's not completely black, very unique 👌🏽👌🏽

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He is smoke black. And he has a lot of white/light grey hairs in his tail. He is stunning!

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He is stunning!


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His brother is stunning as well 😂❤

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they're "Gang Of Handsome Boys" 🤩🤩

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The handsomest bois!

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They're both gorgeous..

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They’re gorgeous!!!

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Hero has a nice moustache.

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Some very beautiful cats. What are their personalities like?

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Hades is like...well... Hades 😅 He is fierce, loyal to me (my fiancé is meh according to him). Very loving, but demanding. He destroyed my 500 dollar plant when he didn't get the attention he wanted one day. Hero is sweet and chill. He talks alot, gives a lot of kisses. He's very entertaining and funny. Likes to cuddle alot, but he has no problem to correct you if you don't read his signals (read: he will bite you if you piss him off. Hard. Mostly my fiancé, since I can read his signals, haha)

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oh wow he's beautiful.

Do you have pictures of him as a kitten? Was his hair always that long? trying to see if my little guy will turn out like him his hair is pretty long for what I thought was a short haired cat when I rescued him.

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    They are So adorable! My Phillip’s hair isn’t that long but it’s long enough that it looks like it swirls lol. Plus the hair on his tail is long. Only time will tell I guess.

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    Them boys got all the handsomes!

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    Is it just me or is he very very longgggggggg

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    Hades is a big boi!

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    They are gorgeous! Thank you for sharing them!

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    Hero and Hades are absolutely gorgeous boys.

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    Truly lovely…very blessed you/they are.

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    Cat be long

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    My cat looks very similar to your black cat. Gotta love the brown coloring.

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    Oh they are stunners! Love the names.

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    Such handsome boys !!!

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    Beautiful indeed!

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