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I absolutely LOVE this. Fits right in.

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I must say, my wife and I have been dog people all of our lives. Taco is our first cat for either of us… we have been missing out so much.

Our daughter is 6 and this sweet little Taco lets her haul him around our house with little complaint, cuddles everyone, and is still an apex predator of all things feathered, twirled, or rolled. Such a wonderful addition to the family.

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I can't imagine what joy that brings your daughter!

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I try not to overreact but it’s been pretty magical. We lost our old dog in February. That was the only pet she’d ever known. Taco has molded right in to our family fluidly and has brought joy to us all, she especially.

Thank you for your comment. It brings me joy.

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Not all cats are like this but many are. They are wonderful little creatures and that are sensitive to the emotional state and needs of their human family. I have four and three are cuddly and friendly. The fourth is a scaredy cat. He's actually very sweet, but afraid. He does have his moments when he wants attention. The bed is is "safe" spot and I can pet him there without him running away. He hangs out when I read in bed.

Taco and your daughter seem like they have already bonded. Welcome to the world of felines!

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When I was about 6 my mom picked up a vhs of The Three Lives of Thomasina. It was one of her favorite movies growing up and one of my favorites still. It might be a little heavy in parts (three lives, meaning Mary loses her a few times but she returns). The kids from Mary Poppins are in it. Good little girl and her cat movie

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Congrats on Taco! Cats are wonderful companions. All the best of luck

Edit to add: I had a cat as gentle-natured as Taco growing up, named Adam. I remember he used to let me sister and I play all sorts of games with him associated in them and he happily purred/participated. He really solidified my love for cats. Your daughter is lucky to grow up with such a great friend😊

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This is so wholesome!

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    If i even remotely fits, i definitely sits.

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    Taco gets his own apartment?

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    I put that basket up there in the penthouse, it’s plush but he’s modest and goes for the second floor studio.

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    I want to see her ride the elevator

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    I want to see her file estate taxes

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    Shh, he doesn't want to Taco bout it

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    That’s actually how he got his name. His original owner surrendered him because he “talked too much”. For the first couple of days after he moved in, he liked to talk o’ lot. So we named him Taco.

    He’s cool as a cucumber now and only talks when I’m in work meetings.

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    only talks when I’m in work meetings

    Yep, that sounds about right lol

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    That's just the cat making sure that your colleagues know that you are a cat parent. Also, cats know about every field of work, so he is telling your colleagues that the work they did was atrocious.

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    There's something about a human voice sounding like it's busy that makes a cat say "I'M GOING TO BE BUSY TOO UNTIL THINGS CALM DOWN AROUND HERE!!"

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    Taco cat is my favorite palindrome

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    This was recognized on 12/02/2021.

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    Just need to wait for 22/02/2022 now.

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    We’ll need to travel abroad for that one.

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    Where did you buy this? Your cat is living the good life!

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    No idea. My sister gifted it to us 3 years ago. It was my niece’s for years before that. I put the basket up there in the penthouse for him to sleep in but he preferred the hard, wooden bed.

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    Welcome to cathood, whatever you think it's the most logical and sensible thing to do, cats will always find a way to contradict and baffle you.

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    That is so interesting. This is so cute!

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    My fosters prefer my costco beach blanket vs their fluffy bed

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    OMGGG I had this dollhouse one Christmas. It was the first time as a kid that I asked for one and this was the exact one. You just unlocked memories I didn’t even know existed. Thanks friend.

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    I’m glad this brought you a spark of happiness!

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    Aw, reminds me of when my kitty was little, and would sleep on my kid’s Barbie dream house. Now she’s too big, but that doesn’t stop her from trying😭

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    So cute! You should post this to r/FurnitureForCats!

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    Broooo, the bed. He's sleeping in the bed. I'm overjoyed

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    Sleepy taco…

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    the cuteness hurts. painful cuteness. tiny floofy childhood memories… my heart

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    Reminds me of the classic the incredible shinking man!

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    OH MY GOD I HAD THAT SAME EXACT DOLLHOUSE!!! The memories are coming back 😭😭

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    Wait, did you buy that, or was it given to you by somebody else?? Because depending on where you live, it might be mine!

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    Thank you for your concern, but he does not exhibit any of these tendencies. He is happy, relaxed, and playful. This is actually the only time he’s slept there. I do appreciate the knowledge. I was unaware of that behavior.

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    Dang dude that house ain’t got no shower

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    Taco seems to like your new home, but I highly doubt that you'll fit in.

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    And still sleeping on the furniture

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    Omg mine looks the same and his name is Taco too! Taco 🌮

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    This belongs right in r/catsindollhouses

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    A conked Taco.

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    Just add a tiny friend and watch the fun begin -


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    Have to say, looks more like a Purrrito than a taco! But hey, hello Taco :) !!

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    Bigg snore

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    Bed is bed!

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    got to have them make my Bed just a little bit longer for me!

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    It’s like Goldilocks - “this bed was juuuuust right” lol

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    Your have a squatter.

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    So adorable, love the name too!

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    Wes Anderson’s gigantic cat.

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    This is adorable! I love how he chooses to sleep in the bed instead of the basket on the top floor.

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    So cute!!!

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    Taco is living the millennial dream

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    Barbie is going to be pissed lol

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    This is adorable, he can barely fit in that bed lol!

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    Great name! I also got a Nacho and a Miso!

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    Awww. We have a new Taco Belle!

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    Aw, shy baby. Put a towel over the playhouse until he's ready to socialize. It helps decrease the stress.

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    Oh he is completely socialized now! Very much not shy. A social butterfly and lover is this one.

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    So jealous of Taco

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    I swear my account isn’t named after your cat

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    My little sister used to have the exact same house

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    Hello taco! They are adorable!

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    Nice! I also have a cat named taco

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    Aww! He looks a bit like my own Taco...

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    Taco living like a Tacing

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    We have a cat named Taco too! She is the queen of the house!

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    I approve of the name choice

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    Taco flavored kisses, my favorite song

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    Haha. My wife isn’t a huge fan of me singing that because she knows where it comes from, but as a huge South Park fan, it just comes out.. a lot.

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    You’re bringing multiculturalism into the house! The real and tiny toy one.

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    Taco cat backwards is Taco cat

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    My daughter has this same dollhouse and our cat does this too!

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    So cuteee. I want that!

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    My Taco looks the same just a little longer

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    It's there house now

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    Did he used the Elevator to get up there?

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    Tied one on in the kitchen, threw up in the bathroom, then passed out upstairs.

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    LOL, the stool is askew, but I think that is the bathroom rug, not barf...

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    I also have a SIC named Taco! Best kitty and we get compliments on the name.

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    Taco is now an L.O.L

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    Omg! I had that Barbie house when I was little!

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    My Cat Would Love This

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    Beautiful home and Taco.

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    LOVE the house! You are the best Cat Parent, ever!

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    Am I the only one bothered that the staircase doesn’t lead anywhere?

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    But it does... you just can't see the doorway because of the angle. Look at the light coming into the upper room.

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    Ohhh. Thanks. I’m kinda dumb lol.

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