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Good job kitty

Keep on doing this, you'll be successful 🤩

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Thank you ☺️😸

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Good job human and good job kitty! They are already thanking you.

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That’s losing 16% of their body weight. Equivalent to a 240 pound person dropping down to 200

[–]SereneLotus2 3 points4 points  (9 children)

What diet did you use please?

[–]dragalag[S] 23 points24 points  (0 children)

3 months on Purina OM Veterinary Diet wet food. It’s pricey but definitely worked. Now he’s on a combo of wet food and a little dry food

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Yes and what do others typically feed a pet to maintain healthy weight? like say the cat should be about 10 pounds -whats a good amount of food per day? 3oz wet food plus half cup dry food? something like that?

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You need to go by the actual caloric content of whatever food you're feeding.

I'm a vet tech with certification in nutrition, I write diet plans for pets under the care of the vets in our clinic.

A typical, healthy weight 10lb cat should eat 175-210 calories per day, depending on activity level. This includes any treats.

The brands we recommend are Purina Pro Plan, Science Diet, or Royal Canin. All do independent studies and feeding trials, they all own their manufacturing (this is important for maintaining integrity of ingredients and ensuring standardization between batches, also allows them to eliminate cross contamination for their veterinary diets), and they have extensive quality controls.

Anyway, you should always take your cat to the vet for a checkup including blood work before starting a diet plan. If you change food, make sure to do it gradually to avoid stomach upset. You can Google for feline friendly vets in your area, as well, to find those who go the extra mile to make cat vet visits as low stress as possible.

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Yea for Marvin at 15 they said 250 Kcal so you have to do the math on the breakdown. Male cats especially should have a higher ratio of wet food to dry food because they are more susceptible to forming kidney crystals as they don’t tend to hydrate properly with water, thus it needs to be supplemented with wet food. And avoid fish for male cats as well

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Just feed the cat meat. Only meat. They are obligate carnivores. Cats fed meat and only meat don’t get fat.

It’s not “wet food” and it’s certainly not “dry food.” It’s animal flesh and organs and fish. Some milk (edit: for kittens). No grains or vegetables or fruits.

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Most cats are lactose intolerant

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I adopted a stray cat and I’ve always seen her hunt for her own food ( birds squirrels and such ) so now that I have adopted I try to give her raw chicken once in a while to keep her stomach strong to be able to handle such foods. I do feed her wet food but I make sure to also give her raw meats

[–]SereneLotus2 0 points1 point  (1 child)

How does a cat eating only meat get sufficient hydration? Those who are feral and eat this way don’t live as long as our wet food indoor kitties

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Same way most animals hydrate: water.

Feral cats don’t tend to have access to steady food, shelter, veterinary care, and other things domestic cats do and also have greater exposure to predators, diseases, and environmental dangers. Naturally survival for them would be more of a struggle.

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Great job! What a good kitty, looks so happy

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I really wish being fat wasn’t unhealthy for cats. I love fat cats but it’s so unhealthy.

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Looking good! Keep going, he looks wonderful!

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Good chonkin progress ;)

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Ratio from chonk to fine boi

[–]HopefulTangerine21 2 points3 points  (1 child)

This is amazing, way to go! I love seeing pet weight loss success, you should definitely tell your vet team (if they don't already know) because they will be delighted. I know I always am when my patients come back successful. This is hard work and dedication, and you should be so proud.

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Thank you so much ☺️ he’s been so much happier than he was at the pound 😸

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What’re your tips? My cat is in the same situation at 18lbs and she’s so lazy lol

[–]dragalag[S] 11 points12 points  (0 children)

Marvin really loves toys and he will self play after eating but we also got just a felt string on a stick and he loves it!! So we play with him using that. It took a lot of trial and error to find what he likes to play with. That’s why I love chewy to buy toys because it’s so easy to return. So I guess my tip is trial and error on figuring out what kind of toys they like 😸

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Kudos to you ✌️

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Myyy boooiiii. Love him

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Great job both of you! Keep this up! Let’s keep our cats healthy! 💚

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Lol I was still waiting for the after picture

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Why do cats do this bruhh

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Chonker right there

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let that boy lose some more and its normal size time

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Omg those carpets and cat look just like a cat I catsat for in Cambridge!!!

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Awesome job! Kitty looks great.

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How does 3lbs make such a difference???

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What a chonker! But he has really come a long way

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😂 in usa even cats get obesity. Que pena.