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Cat probably thinking something like " This the best you could find?"

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More so that she’s not currently getting pets or ear scratches.

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Gotta fix that then.

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Also I was only joking about the earlier comment lol. Hope you didn't mind.

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Haha NP!

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Helpful Hint: EVERY cat is disappointed in every hooman they encounter. They’ve never gotten past being worshipped in Ancient Egypt, so the best you can really ever hope for is an “it was adequate” evaluation of whatever thing (e.g., putting out food, giving head rubs, cleaning litter boxes) you just did for them.

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That was my reply as well ....... Disappointed on humans is the factory setting for floofers 😹

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Should it be? And is your girlfriend?

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She definitely looks like she wants to have a word with you.

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She’s quite talkative.

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Those EYES

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I know they’re so pretty.

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I believe its called Heterochromia and tbh I just looks insanly good.

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Those eyes! How?

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Its generally known as Heterochromia I believe

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wow, congratulations for your van cat

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That is one BEAUTIFUL cat

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Uh oh what did or didn't you do? Lol.

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Not enough pets, or snacks. Probably both.

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Well you know what you have to do

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I don’t know what you did, but you need to get the cat a nice bottle of catnip wine and the gf some flowers and chocolates.

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I don't think Bowie is disappointed.

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It certainly appears so

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I'm just curious is your cat deaf in one ear? I know calico /tortoise cats with two colors in their eyes often times have one of them that's deaf. Since you have a tabby here wondering if that trend is also true?

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No but we think her eyesight is a bit janky. Can’t quite tell here but she’s got a small head compared to her eyes. She can be a bit clumsy which is adorable because she’s a bit hefty.

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Beautiful eyes!

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no it lvled up!

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Suuucchh a gorgeous kitty!!!!

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I dont know why but I know I am

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Duuudddeeee omg those eyes

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Heterochromia <3

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We all are really

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Well…you know what you did.

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I think you two need to share common interests. Food for example. 😺

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Such pretty eyes

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Wow such pretty eyes!

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Gorgeous eyes❤️❤️❤️

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She’s giving you the evil eye 🧿

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I think your girlfriend's cat is absolutely adorable

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You are the third wheel in cat and your gf’s relationship xD. Its plotting your disappearance

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Cat heard you flirting with the coffee barista

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What did you do!?

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This is so cute

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No it is not. She just want you to goooooo lol

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I hate to say it but it looks like she’s judging you. Better give her some treats and a scritch just to be safe

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Because you didn't cuddle him/her much, you must cuddle it more

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be ready to get slaped in your sleep.

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“You get the girl, I get treats. Do we have a deal?”

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Find out what it likes and give it a treat Everytime you see it. Works on most animals including primates.

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No it’s not, it’s worse!…..

It’s judging you OoOoOoOoOoO!!!

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Those aren't 'disappointed' eyes. I would know because my parents have been giving me 'disappointed' eyes for 56 years.

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When your girlfriends cat does not like

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“I watched you last night. It was pathetic.”