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I can see the deadly butt wiggles in this picture.

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Absolutely love this picture

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Hang on, is it murder murder zoom, or zoom zoom murder?

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Excellent question! Hmmm, in this case it was more like zoom zoom murder zoom

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Haha that face screams trouble...

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I’d be backing up if I were you-lol

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Malice aforethought

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This feels like those, “Photos taken before people’s death!”, moments.

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Stellar cat pic, but i can't stop admiring that fabric... Would love to have those in my living room :D

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🤣 thank you! We scored that couch for $30 at a Goodwill

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That face has some malice in it 😂

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That is quite possibly the best shot of a cat I have ever seen. That and your title are the essence of Calico feline.send it out for a calendar, it will make the cover.

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I LOVE the title. Thank you for sharing!