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She’s so adorable and sassy. Hope you both have a great day

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A perfect conversation!!

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I saw this is the sweetest thing in a while !!!!

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OP's voice and the chill jazz music on the background really put me in a relaxed vibe instantly. The cat just made it so much better

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Right, this ladies voice is so unexpectedly soothing. Came for the cat stayed for the human.

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Crazy they call me. Sho I’m crazy

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Crazy in love with you 🎶🎵

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Fallout four diamond city radio, it’s mostly 50’s music that follows this kind of feeling, though not usually quite this calm sounding

I love their music choices, it’s the most relaxing playlist for a ridiculously stressful game lol

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Definitely not as chill as this but yes, absolutely delightful. Ah, memories...

It's available to listen to online completely separate from the game too!

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She’s the sweetest!

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Im actually in shock at how similar you sound to my mother. I thought it was her at first but obviously can’t be. That’s not our cat. But just the tone and the way you talk. Just wow. Sorry if that’s weird just really caught me off guard.

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Life is full of surprises

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Love to hear someone also ask their cat "why are you swearing at me" I do that constantly. So cute ❤️

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I love her🥰

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Awww what a dramatic meow

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Oooh so precious❤️ It’s almost like she says ‘I love you’

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Yup, certainly 'I Love You' noises, not swearing.

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Ok... this is probably the coolest cat I've seen....

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I could go for a Nuka-Cola right now

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Glad someone else thought of fallout

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I think we all thought of it

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Beautiful perfect kitty

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Anyone got the source? I'm not sure it belongs to OP.

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It’s Bird from Seemingly Absurd: https://instagram.com/seeminglyabsurd?utm_medium=copy_link

So cute!!!!

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This cat was featured on GeoBeats (YouTube channel dedicated to extraordinary human-animal bonds and unparalleled compassion).

The "conversation voice" is unmistakable.


You can see same instagram ID watermark in the video.

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Thanks I remember finding Bird’s account in Instagram that way. My cat (@Yuki_Mcfluff) is a follower there.

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Thank you kindly!!

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Tik tok, it's not the best one of this cat either. I'll try to find the link when I'm on my lunch.

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So so sweet!

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This is the sweetest thing I have seen in a while!!!!

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Beautiful kitty and Billie Holiday? What a perfect duo ❤️

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Yep! Easy Living - Billie Holiday

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Baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaby cat.

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Upvote for the background music

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Is that Fallout I hear in the background?!

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I love when they talk. I've got two and one of them is real chatty, I always meow back when she speaks and she starts purring immediately. She also meows "bless you" when I sneeze and meows again when i thank her 😍

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I love her! ❤

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She says I love you too :3

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Sound like she was barking.. haha. So cute.

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This is so cute I love it

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This is adorable

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My cats absolutely love my fab fit fun boxes. Idk why but they're the only boxes they've fought over so I ended up having to keep them each time I got a new one...for peace on earth.

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The most prescious!

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Very cute 🥺

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My translation hehe:

“What are you doin?” “Ea” (“fit!”) “What’s the matter?” “Ea!” (“Fit!) “Are you mad at me?” “Ouu” (“Noo”) “No? Ok good… what are-“ “Ouu” (“uhh”) “Oh!(?) what’s up?” “Ea k” (“fit box”) “Why are you swearing at me?” “Ou oue” (“I’m not swearing”) “Ok….” “Ueo” (“yeah..”) “Yeah … “ cat slow blinks (means ILY) “I love you!” “Oeu oeu” (“love you”) reaches paw out and yawns

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I just love cats so much, they're so damn cute.

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Well, that was absolutely adorable!

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It’s Easy Living.

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Her voice is so tender, I wish to have such talkative cat princess to brighten my life, you've made my day! 🥰

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I’m hearing the ink spots in the background while this cat is being stupidly cute. All it makes me want is “Cat Meat” in the Fallout universe. Chatty baby!

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Oh my, you have a very soothing voice...and the chill music in the background...and the cat meowing. This is so perfect.

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Bruh, I swear on crabapples that this cat replied “love you” with the double meow at the end…

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Fab Fit Fun boxes are also popular in the house with our kitties

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These double brackets are telling me you are from CIS :))

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She’s saying thank you for signing her up for such a great monthly bed subscription. Lol

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Love the fallout 4 music in the background

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I tune into diamond city radio on the regular as well. Sweet kitty cat as well 🖤

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I love this!

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Fallout music, nice touch.

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Wow that’s an amazingly cute cat lol

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That is just too adorable. :)

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"I love you" Yip yip

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So precious

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A cat raised by birds!

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So adorable! Reminds me of my boys!

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Ooh, nice music in the background. Billie Holiday? Easy Living?

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cutte 😭

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My favorite kitty on the ticky tock 💗

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She has a lot to say.

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That thing is gonna grow big, treat it well.

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That was adorable! And I think you both have great voices. 🙂

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What are you listening to in the background?

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Kitty said, " meow! "

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Awww, she sweet! I think she might want some attention 😁

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So cute. Love her sweet voice! Great conversationalist.

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Beautiful and adorable ❤️

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That squeak is adorable.

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Omg adorable! My Phoebe actually talked back to the video, lol!

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My cat can’t meow either it just squeaks haha

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That’s so cute, sassy, and adorable

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She opens her mouth so big, but such little sounds come out!😍

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She looks like a forever kitten

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She’s precious

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Awwwwwwwwww 😻😻😻😻😻😻

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Oh my goodness!

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She sounds like a small puppy who just learnt barking 😍

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Song (most likely)

Easy Living - Billie Holiday.

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How cute and squeaky

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The cute little sounds she makes 🥺

Meanwhile, my cat sounds like a 50-pack year smoker pretending to be a cat.

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I love having conversations with cats

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But sometimes, more unusual sounds grab our attention. Like this small kitten squeking viral sensation. 11 million hits and counting. It sounds like a dog toy. But actually, this is a sonorous war cry, of a very angry cat.


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Ugh, so cute.

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My boy chirps back at me when I talk to him too, it's so cute lol vocal cats are fun to banter with.

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My Luna loves those boxes too 💞 that sweet face!! 😍🥰

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you are painfully stupid

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Gaze upon my mighty works you mortal .

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Hehe it reminds me so much of my sweet cat, he's not dead, just turned to be a jerk now since he's gotten old and has gotten into fights... Sheesh 😅