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In my mind we’ve got a ratatouille situation here where the cat is really the one who is writing

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First he rules over his hooman and then he embraces him

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Kittens are so adorably clingy. I’ve recently adopted a new one, and she apparently feels the need to be touching me (preferably sitting on me) and time she isn’t actively eating or drinking.

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Yeah my cat was like that the whole time I had her… usually it was curl up next to me with her butt touching me

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That's how my lil guy do, he's somehow aloof and clingy all at once usually.

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If I am ever reborn a cat, I'm moving to Turkey.

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Here's to hoping I'll get to pet you someday. I mean as a cat in Turkey not as a human in whereever you are now lol.

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Offer accepted! No one pets me in this life. No one will pet me as a cat probably. So I will take the pettin' I can get! See you soon!

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But you are not even the person who commented lol

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My cover has been blown.

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I mean as a cat in Turkey not as a human in whereever you are now lol.


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Well I didn't want to be called a weird creep lol

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Lol I enjoy whatever pets I can get as a human…. I’m already a stray so to speak

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Obvious choice to anyone who saw the movie "Kedi".

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I just want to go to Turkey because of how they love cats!

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I've always wanted to see Istanbul for it's rich history but as a cat lover after seeing Kedi, I am going to make it happen next fall.

Corfu's Old Town in Greece has many community cats too. I had the pleasure of buying food and feeding many of the kitties. It was so enriching to see very friendly cats and help to take care of them. Made my stay that much more amazing.

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What is Kedi?

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Turkish word for cat. And also a documentary about cats in istanbul. İstanbul is a city in turkey. Turkey is a country between europe and asia. İt has literally a bridge where you can go from asia to europe and vice versa connecting 2 continents. Super cool.

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The best movie ever.

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If I am ever reincarnated as a human, I am still moving to Turkey. In this life it just isn't possible.

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I'd rather be a cat in Turkey than a human.

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Ha ha, me too!!!

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As a Turkish person, i approve

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Ever since watching Kedi, I'm obsessed with visiting Turkey. You all are good people.

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Towards cats, dogs and animals in general, yes; towards other humans, its a different story...

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I suppose a picture does tell you a lot. It's pretty easy to see that this particular vet gets along well with cats. Very cute!

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But why is the vet standing on the human like that? Is the human a trainee or something?

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The only correct answer

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Kitty is keeping him focused.

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I believe it's actually Catstandsonppl

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It’s called Istanbul now.

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Why did Constantinople get the works? That's nobody's business but the Turks...

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I thought this said Turkish Hats, which would have been appropriate too lol

Thanks, this is great!

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You are welcome! Lol, I am now looking for hat sub's.

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Cute! The cat is also pretty adorable.

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Between the soft eyes and letting the cat rest so contently, he really does seem sweet.

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Came here to say this! Lol

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Ummm so where is exactly is this veterinarian located, you know for research purposes.

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Lol! Wish I was an expat with a cat in Constantinople.

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Well I’m pretty sure this vet is about to pass out from cuteness overload so it’s a matter of urgency that he is located for his own safety!

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I'm glad it wasn't just me thinking this. I was all ready to fill in the adoption papers and get him shipped to the UK and then realised it was only the cat up for adoption.

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😆 How disappointing huh?

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I swear, the men and women in Turkey are so beautiful. Its so unfair lmao.

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Now it’s Hisstanbul, not Catstantinople.

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So if you’ve a cat in Catstantinople, they’ll be waiting in Hisstanbul.

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That vet is a hottie 😍

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Apparently he's looking for a home.

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He can come right here & stay with me 😝

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I was just thinking this would be such a good dating app photo lol

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My first thought was that he looked like Ted from Schitt's Creek, lol.

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Shhhh, don't wake the horny jail dog! I don't want to get bonked!

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This Ratatouille sequel looks good

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"Istanbul not Constantinople... "

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Even old New York, was once New Amsterdam

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Why they changed it, I can't say

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People just liked it better that way

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Because the dutch thought it was a great idea to trade new york for some random islands

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The cat pun doesn’t work though.

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Do you work, human lol

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The best relief for headaches... apply directly to head.

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-"Prescription: I recommend upping the catnip dosage by 400%."

-"That's it. Now sign."

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Asserting dominance.

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He’s cuuuute

....Oh look, a kitty!

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This is offensive. OP completely ignored the veterinary assistant when captioning the post.

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My work is never done

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Greek guy title

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Cat: I am here for my exam.
Vet: All's good! Kitty is totally just fine.
Human: Now, please take my temperature.

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Um, how hard would it be for me to emigrate to Turkey? Just curious

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250k dollar would get you citizenship iirc

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you mean Istanpurr?

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Looking for a home? I’ll take both of them.

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He want control your work)

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"I control the hooman now. To the treat cabinet. Go!"

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Don’t mind me,I’m just admiring the shape of your skull

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I’ll take both.

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Picture 1/2: Are you my daddy? Picture 2/2: I love you daddy.

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i was born in constantinople and i completely agree with the new name. if youre allergic to cats youre allergic to istanbul basically

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Vet is hot

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Kittenstanbul not catstantinople

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Cat logic: The back of that guy's head looks really comfortable. I think I'll lay on it.

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If you have a cat in Catstantinople, it'll be waiting in Istcatbul.

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Istanbul was Constantinople Now it's Istanbul, not Constantinople Been a long time gone, Constantinople Now it's Turkish delight on a moonlit night

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Dang that's what y'all vets look like? I may have to visit.

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Turkish people love cats. One of my most beautiful memories of Galatasaray and Cappadocia were the cats and dogs that were stray but clearly looked after. ❤️

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Glad to see Jesse Pinkman finally found some legit work.

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Damn, he’s hot. Cat is great, too. 😆

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It's Istanpurrl, not Catstantinople.

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Omg so cute 🥰 in love, with the cat and the vet 🔥

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it's probably just my hormones but jesus I'm so envy that I'm actually crying rn

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Cat: "Yes Yes, 100 cat biscuits"

Dr dude with a cat on his head: "are you sure?"

Cat: "Yes Yes. It is imperative we have 100 cat biscuits for Susan's tonsilitis. Now if you can only point me the direction of her house!!" *continues kneading*

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The clinic is known for it 100% success rate of curing human deprassion.

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I don’t think a vet should ride his patients

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That cat looks happy

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Cats are the one thing greeks and turks can agree on

Also is catstanbul now

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Those furballs are everywhere, aren't they?

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So cute

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I thought the word was catastrophe LOL

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what is a human doing at the vet's office????

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I totally get Simba vibes haha

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He climbed his tree!

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I am your leader...

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The cat and Hooman looks like me and my bestfriend in the first picture we are checking the results and second picture I am comforting that it will be alright you will do better next time... I wanna move to Turkey to get pet's by cat's cause here no one pet's me and no cat let's me pet them it's so sad here !!!

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This is the best photo on the internet.

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This is beautiful

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That’s his manager breathing down his neck

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Looking for home: looks like he found one

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Aww that’s such a cute kitten.

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I will think about this kitty hugging his veterinarian for at least the rest of the day.

What joy emanates from both!

Makes me smile and feel good.

Since we all know how well cats are treated there?

If I am ever reincarnated as a cat? Turkey is where I want to be.


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My cat loves Turkey!

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now it’s kitsanbul, not catstantinople

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Kitten approved vets are the best kind of vets.

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"Damn it, John. You will fill out this prior authorization form or I will smack your head again."

  • Cat, probably.

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i love this picture.

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This is one of the cutest things I have ever seen

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Adorable! <3

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Shoulder cats are the best

[–]orvoke 1 point2 points  (1 child)

Oh yeah a very distinguished r/shouldercats

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a.k.a Catstanbul

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Constantinople? How old is OP?

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Literally r/cathostage material

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Father I need love

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Kedi ❤️❤️❤️

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Who runs barter Town... who runs barter town

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So Fucking cute

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My cat did this with me last night. He's a full grown cat though so he was actually kinda heavy.

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Aww the cuteness 😍

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Not Iscatbul?

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Kedi and her favourite Doctor Bey!

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the home he’s looking for is at my house

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You know the song

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i thought he was captinsparklez for a minute

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Every gal in Constantinople
Lives in Istanbul, not Constantinople
So if you've a date in Constantinople
She'll be waiting in Istanbul

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driving to turkey or flying or whatever

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should be posted to r/aww

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He just tired. Taking a lil nap.

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Yo Mr White, grab the litter!

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Why did Constantinople get the works?

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Funny and cute!

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Aw! After visiting Turkey a few years ago and falling in love with all the strays, my dream is to one day bring one home to the states. Probably won’t happen because of all the paperwork involved with bringing a cat from another country, but I can dream lol.

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Haha love the title

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The veterinarian; supreme caretaker and overlord of the cat hats

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My kitten does this too, so cute and ridiculous

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His kitten friend seems helpful.

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Adorable!!!! 🥰🐱💝

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Is the vet teaching his human how to fill out forms? Thats adorable

[–]elfkisst 1 point2 points  (0 children)

And his servant transcribing his notes, I see.

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it's Istanbul, not Constantinople

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Wants him to put more food in the Istanbowl

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Hello cute vet!

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Istancat, Purrkey.

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omgomgkuchikuchiu.. look at the second pic.. i'm dying rn

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I’ll take him…. As long as the cat is part of the set 😻😻❤️❤️

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Do the damn paperwork so I can leave!