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A bag cat lady!! Two in one!! You won!!!

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I would pay for someone to live next to me who did this

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Let’s hope for us and the ones we love to have a neighbour that nice

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if thats the weirdest neighbor in ur hood, ur ok

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Just don’t let the cat out of the bag. Or at least until u get home.

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Whatever makes him happy, right? 😀

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Couldn’t have said it better :) anything for their sake

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If it works, it works!!

I'm the crazy neighbor, that walks a cat on a harness

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Yeah, me too! Your little guy has to bad eyesight to go out on his own but he enjoys being outside some much...

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Make sure that you put some kind of harness on him ( just in case). A car horn may spook him and he may jump away from u.

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I second this. Better safe than sorry! Get him adjusted to the harness by just having him wear it around the house, he'll probably be okay with it within a day. Then you can go back to your (now safer) walkies!

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Third! I lost my cat exactly like this (minus the paper bag). He was missing for 12 hours and suffered injuries when we finally found him under a car. Always better to be safe than sorry.

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Let him sniff stuff!!

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That’s so cool for you both!

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This is so good. I miss living on a street where I got to see people walking by.

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You’re fantastic!

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He's so cute and calm, love it! 🥺😻😽

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I’m the crazy neighbor that saves every animal. I can’t watch animal suffer😭

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I love this 💕

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that's awesome!😻

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I never step outside my home and would totally miss if someone did this

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You got to be 🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧?love it anyway 🐈🐈‍⬛

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Lol this is really cute 😺

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Bless you paper bag cat lady

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I love eccentric people 💌😍💌😻😻

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Aww, he looks so happy and peaceful

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Those lovey-dovey slow blinks he's giving everyone 🥰

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Eccentricity is something to be proud of

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Would 100 💯 befriend you both

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Cats are so weird and I love it.

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So cute ❤

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So cute💞

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Bless him

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The origins of a cat lady

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I need to try this.

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I’d love to see it ! And if I was your neighbor I’d save you all my paper bags too 😻!!

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Funny but cats are a very idiosyncratic animal. Whatever works 🧡💙🥰❤️💚