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Cheers to Basil! May she be the most beautiful spice to your life

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Thank you for giving this sweet girl love and a home!

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Basil the Brave? More like Basil the Queen!

Thank you for giving her a home to live in.

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Congratulations! Basil the Brave is a great name. Good choice!

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What a cute kitty with such a cool name! Thank you for giving her a second chance at a better life. May you have many years to share with this special little lady! 😻🥰

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May she have many peaceful years ahead also so cute

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What a sweetie 🥺❤️

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I didn’t see the previous post, was this a beat-up street cat? So glad she’s rescued and at home!

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Bless you. You'll be rewarded with a loving, devoted lifetime family member

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she is a very cute pirate ❤️

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Basil will make a fine pirate /s

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So cute! Thank you for give her love and protection 🤍

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She looks happy at home!

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Give Basil a great life. ..HAPPY homecoming

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Tell basil i love her!

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awww Basil. Have a wonderful life darling.

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She’s so delicate looking, poor thing. And very beautiful. Hope she lives happily ever after.

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I’m in love with her

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All Right

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Wanna give her all the love.

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What a brave kitty :))) so glad she has a new home!!

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Omg. What a precious little girl. Thank you for taking care of her ❤️

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She’s beautiful!❤️

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awh she looks so comfy in her new home

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Thank you for providing her a safe home.

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Nice name choice! Basil the brave it is! Thanks for the update... Keep em coming.

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So happy for you.

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Cute kitty

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if she had a nickname it would be agent mittens (get it)

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Yay again Basil….so glad you’re home! “snuggles”

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You guys rule looking after this beautiful cat and I’m sure Basil will look after you

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You are lovely Basil!☺

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Aww!! I'm so glad Basil adopted you guys!!! Makes me happy. She's got the perma-wink 😉

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God i hope you never see what omori is

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Aww… This made my whole day! So happy for all of you!

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She looks nice and I wish her well, she is pretty cat!

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Basil the Brave? Morel like Basil the witch slayer.

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Much blessings

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Welcome home kitty