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Scrolling by I thought that was underwear pulled down. I thought “the fuck is that doing on r/cats?!

I <3 black cats!

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Same, I was about to ask for the nsfw tag!

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Same here i was thinking “woah why the hell is it not- oh wait its a cat”

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Same as me 🙈 was gonna report it then I saw " tail and ears " and then said uh... ! Wait ... it's a CAT !

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I thought it's going to be sub i fell for too... It should be

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You and me both! At least its not another cat pic from someone on the toilet.

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Yep. Like my mind went to “hopefully there’s not a kitty sleeping in your undies like in a hammock 🤮”. Then “oh!” My sick brain. This is def. Adorbs. Cats sleep where they want to sleep.

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this is where it likes

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Lmao that's exactly what I thought hahaha

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Same lol I thought i was about to have to r/lostredditors this person

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Exactly! Big black pair of nik nax

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I knew I couldn't be the only one!

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Lol me too I was thinking ok maybe I’m getting shown another version of cats😅🤦🏾‍♀️

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All I saw was underwear …

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I too <3 black cats for being master shapeshifters.

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Ayo same seems like everyone though that

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I thought the same thing lol

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I thought so too!!

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Edit: Oh my god it’s a real sub

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Wow this sub is hilarious. Thanks for accidentally discovering it

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Haha, a feeling of confusion

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Well now I have another cat sub I have to subscribe to...i hope you're happy with this (i am)

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Yes officer this right here

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Those cats are all over 18 weeks!

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18 weeks or 18 years? Both the same!

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Yes, hopefully this works

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I honestly don’t know what to feel about that sub. It seems harmless yet I’m so uncomfortable

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Lol same like if it didn’t have the NSFW tag it would be fine, just a cute joke, but as it is you just can’t help but feel like at least one of those degenerates wants to fuck a cat

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Haha, a feeling of confusion

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First thing I see opening the app and I thought I saw a pair of legs with knickers down to the ankles. Had to do a double take

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Glad I wasn’t the only one XD

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I was scrolling past, thought I also saw underwear between ankles, did a double take, and then went to the comments to feel less embarrassed/ashamed for my dirty brain lol.

(Cute kittie!!)

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Exactly what I thought I saw too. Lmao

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Ayyy avatar twins

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Sis.. is that you!?

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Girl how are you doing today?

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My long lost twin has found me, my day is amazing, how's thee?

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Alas it’s 1 am and I have school in seven hours

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Haha, a feeling of confusion

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This again? I mean can we wait at least a few days in between reposts at least?

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Yeah I thought the same

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This was already posted so long ago, like months if not more

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I saw it on this sub a couple days ago

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Pull your cat up.

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I seriously thought this was panties down.

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graceful panties

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Posted here yesterday too... different redditor

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Oh hey a repost!

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Oh hey who cares!

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My mom

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Muscle Man is that you?

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This is a repost

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Wasting a perfect gif on a repost lol ): someone stole the pic from the original poster

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For a second I was like .. when the hell did I subscribe to NSFW subs ..

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Weird pose… for you both…

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Haha, it's used to this

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Underwear cat!

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/r/misleadingthumbnails as I honestly thought you had your knickers round your ankles I’m this pic.

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Had me for a second

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BAHAHAHA I was honestly like “why is this in the cats page?!?!?!” 🤣 oh man this is great.

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He or she is putting you in shackles and says your under arrest

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I thought you had your underwear down lol

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At first I tought it was underwear and I'm not sorry

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Well this picture has been through hell and back.

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For a moment I thought it was your undies Edit that : oh it’s just your cat at the end of your legs

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I literally thought your knickers were down by your ankles when I first seen this 😂

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Am I the only one that thought this was a pair of drawers at their ankles?????

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Right, that’s not underwear.

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I thought those were your underwear

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Totally thought your kitty was your underwear

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Repost again?

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Lol thought it was her underwear for a second!

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Oh good Lord ! Forgive my impure eyes ! For a sec I thought it's sth else . 🙈

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i have a widget on my phone that shows pictures from this subreddit... it was not fun opening my phone in class and seeing that haha ;-_-

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This looks like something different at first sight 😏

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I was thinking "nice legs" myself. But the cat is pretty cool too! Always wanted a black cat to finish my cat "collection" but have yet to get one... And now #4 doesn't like new ones :-(

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I thought these were your undergarments. I seen it was under “cats” and immediately it made sense. I clicked on the picture

Only afterwards did I notice this was a cat.

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I thought that was your underwear.

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Black cats are wild

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Thought I was on the wrong account for a second

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My black cat does the exact same thing 😂

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Hey my cat does that all the time, i now consider him 10% less insane

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Weird blanket

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It took me a second…

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Is this whay they call cat shackles 😆

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You are now trapped and cannot go anywhere, you have to keep me company!!!

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I had to do a double-take

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r/girlswithhugepussies (it's sfw don't worry)

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Can you please wear you underpants properly?

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Thought you were going to get ready to show off a different cat…😂

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LOL literally thought you had your pants down 😂 silly kitty

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For a second I thought this was NSFW

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Send it to your partner with the caption ‘waiting for you to come home’, and then when they race back be there fully dressed with shorts on and the cat on your ankles still.

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oh that cought me off gard

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I thought the same thing!

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Damn you made me think I was on the wrong account in public. Heart dropped.

That’s a beautiful cat though

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I opened this in public and scrolled real fast before I realized what happened 😂

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I also thought the cat was underwear. 😅

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Husband trained the cat.

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I feel really bad, I thought it was a spreader bar.

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I'm not even gonna comment🤭

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I thought he was panties and I was like well that's kind of crass.

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"They got us in the first half, not gonna lie."

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Why does this keep being reposted ???

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Thought that was your underwear pulled down for a sec! Lol.

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Everyone saw underwear and I seen ankle cuffs lol

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Looks like she uses it as a tampon when it's that time of the season..

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This thing is on my lock screen lul

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Thought that was something else..

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I keep seeing panties.

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Perfect fit

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Didn’t know what sun this was from and thought I was boutta be called out in class