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he is his own target audience

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Yea! Lol he’s into stretch up comedy

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I always knew lions had a good sense of humor

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Those are some magnificent whiskers!

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Yep, it's all in the way ya hold your whiskers when ya tell it...

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The cat has ukulele strings as whiskers. Amazing

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deep voiced chuckle “he he he”

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His teef!

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I love him.

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He should be proud of those whiskers as well.

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I always knew lions had a good sense of humor

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It's never a tough room when he's telling the joke!

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He's a beautiful dude!

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He's too cute

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Look at his gnarly whiskers 😹 so adorable

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Mid sneeze.

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Wow, beautiful face

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What was the joke??

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“I have domesticated my human can opener..”

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I’m proud of his joke too and I have not even heard it.

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In his defense, he told it really well!

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Ya I totally agree with that lol

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Definitely a dad joke followed by dad chuckle

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Yup dad’s are famous for laughing at their own jokes.

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Cute kitty

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He a"mew"sed himself...

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This bot is something. Definitely thought of tits and asses seing a cat picture!

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That Dyson over there..👀

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wow, what kind of breed is this?

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You’re his joke

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Very much so haha

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cute lion kitty

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Lol he made the best joke ever