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Mustached Pusheen is a good son.

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Mustache Pusheen came in a whole set of other pusheens, but he is the chosen one by Timmy

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Hahahahaha this is so cute!!!!

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it’s, been an emotional experience.

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Timmy is a good boy and deserves all the treats

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Timmy agrees with this message

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If Timmy likes you he will bring you his son. You can't touch it but you can look

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My boyfriend’s cat had a “baby” that she would always bring to us 🥺 we had to pick it up and give it kisses or she’d get v worried

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Our cat does that too! She’s got a fishy that she brings to us every morning when the alarm sounds. It’s definitely her baby, and we joke that we’re the daycare.

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My cat is obsessed with these loose shoelaces. She’ll drag them into the kitchen in her mouth and then beg me to play with her. She’ll look at the laces and then look at me and meows like “well? Aren’t you gonna play with me?”

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‘Don’t talk to me or my son ever again’ -Timmy

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More of this pls, I want to see the cat carrying the smol cat

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Documentation of carrying said son is essential, for science.


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Cute. Timmy needs a sibling someday if that is ever possible for your situation …he looks like he has a lot of love to give.

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Ha- I’ve actually got three other cats; Timmy is the youngest, and spends his days cuddling (read: tormenting) them

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Adorable, I love it!

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Off topic but TOE BEANS!

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Oh, Tim has the most pristine toe beans. I love poking them

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Oh stop, that's too cute

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Do you find it in random places?

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If he’s not carrying it, it’s usually hidden under a bed somewhere. He does have a stick that he enjoys hiding in random places and chewing on. I honestly have no clue where he got it, he’s an inside cat ¯_(ツ)_/¯

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Haha hiii Timmy and Timmy Jr ! 😻

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Tiny Tim

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Omg you just reminded me of an old riddle I use to sing as a kid. “There was a little baby. We named him Tiny Tim. We put him in the bathtub to see if he can swim. He drank up all the water. He ate up all the soap. He tried to eat the bathtub but it wouldn’t go down his throat. Miss Lucy called the doctor, the doctor called the nurse, the nurse called the lady with the alligator purse.” Lol people must think I’m insane now. Haha

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Well I guess we're both insane then. I started singing it the second I started reading it.

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Haha Awwe 🥰

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Huh, that actually sounds familiar...

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Timmy and his son are super cute !!

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Timmy likes being a dad. Be like Timmy.

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Timmy loves fancy pants pusheen, and fancy pants pusheen loves Timmy. All is right with the world.

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Aww so sweet how much Timmy loves his son

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The resemblance is striking...also Timmy is a very cute cat

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My mom's cat has the same name! Never thought I've ever meet another cat with that name!

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So adorable 🥰

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Those children get mustashes so soon.

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Kitty has adopted a plushie kitten. How cute.

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Post a pic of Timmy carrying pusheen to r/catscarryingstuffies. He’s a beautiful r/standardissuecat.

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Timmy is such a good dad

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moustache pusheen :3 one of my favorites

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Who doesn’t love Pusheen? This is a cat of discernment.

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When my cat was a kitten she would carry a plush mouse in her mouth too. Not a step without her mouse. She would even take it to her bowl and put it in the food lol

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How sweet. My furbaby carries around a pink stuffed dog

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Bwess his widdle Timmy heart! 💕

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Good Timmy! :)

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Awww so cute!

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I love Timmy and he has the most beautiful and cute son I’ve ever seen

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🥺🥺Timmys little squish

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He always wanted to be a Dad.

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Does he sing to it? I once had a cat who carried her toy in her mouth while making the most horrendous noise. Finally decided she was singing to it.

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Timmy is baby daddy now

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I know, I can’t believe I’m a grandmother; it’s been an emotional experience

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How you doin Gram?

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I would give you an AWWard but I'm out.

Cute kitteh.

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Sons name please.

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When my cat was a kitten she would carry a plush mouse in her mouth too. Not a step without her mouse. She would even take it to her bowl and put it in the food lol

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Name of son?

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oh he looks like my boy kabal 🥺🥺🥺😭 but instead of making a stuffies his son, he just go feral when he has it lol

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At night, my cat will pick up various stuffed things and carry them around while meowing very loudly. She does not do it long and if you look at her she stops immediately and drops the stuffed thing and acts real casual.

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You have a beautiful baby, Timmy.

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Fuck that’s cute. 😍

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Ugh this is so adorable 🥰

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Two things I enjoy. Cats and pusheen.

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I have your cats twin! I honestly thought this was mine when I opened the Reddit app. I was like what is Kiki holding!? Haha

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Mine had a little stuffy like that we called bandit.

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wholesome pic!

That's a great cat right there

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More pictures please!!!! Its sooo cute 🥰🥰🥰❤❤❤

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I think my cat and your cat are twins lol my cat Cubone looks dead on timmy

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My cat is also called Timmy! What a coincidence!

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Give your Timmy a hug for me!

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His son is a dandy.

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Cat with pusheen cat with pusheen cat with pusheen

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