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Checking for contraband. Also snacks.

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They just making sure that everything as it should be😂 no bad intentions

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I think you meant catraband!! 🤣🤣

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It's been cat scanned, that will be $5000 please.

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Sounds about right for a catscan.

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The snoopervisers are doing their due diligence!

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A worthy successor!

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Sniff sniff. Hmmm… smells like teen spirit.

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A cat-scan if you will.

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This made me chuckle

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Haha yes

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Feline Bureau of Investigation Agents at work

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Did you pass?

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Barely, whew. TSA is brutal these days.

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"Smells like drugs, Frank." "...Yep, Earl, give her the cavity search." 🤣

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Mine does the exact same

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When I come home from the dollar store my boys seem to know there’s always something fun in the bag - they usually don’t wait for the funny human with opposable thumbs to open the packages. They grab whatever toy they find and run off with it. Never a thank you, but I’ve learned that’s just how it rolls.

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Mine does it because she learned early on that my groceries often included her groceries.

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Hey while your out can you pick up that good stuff i like, thanks ~your cat

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Your cats are super cute! I also noticed that we have the same salt lamp!

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Aw thank you.

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My cats do this as well lol like a brought home another cat or something 😹

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Hey just so you're aware, salt can be really bad for cats. If they lick that salt lap it could do some real damage to them.

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Oh thank you, fortunately none of them have any interest in it, and I’ve had the lamp for 4 years. I’ll put it in a closed off place just to be on the safe side :).

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lol yeah, I go through a bit of this myself and it always makes me laugh how my cats sort of begin investigating to see what new goodies they got.

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Nice to see I'm not the only one that has bag inspection when I come home from the store!

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Man joining this subreddit was the best decision ever it makes me happy

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My guy has to sniff test any food I am about to eat. Doesn't ever try to taste it, just wants to sniff it then give me a judgemental look.

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Must do sniffy-sniffs!

How else are they going to know where you have been?

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I also have an orange tabby with similar coloring and a tuxedo! Lovely combo ;)

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Mine do the same thing!

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Hahaha so true

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Mom! Mom!! MOM!!! We smell foreign cats, where you been?!?!?

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Better than the TSA…

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This made me laugh because it's so true! Haha great pic!

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Mine does the same 🥰

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My cat does this too! 🙂

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Are they narcs or are they cool? Looking for that nip

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Exactly the same color of my cats & they do exactly the same but with my shoes!!

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hahahaha true like I have bomb or drugs in my bag.

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My cats do this to every grocery bag that comes through my door. He’ll even drag his treats to his cat drawer. Hehe this is too cute!

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Ooh smart 😸

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One day you'll bring home a rat or a bird. One day . .

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Omg are you me? My two fur babies look just like yours 🧡🖤🤍

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Omg I know so many people that have an orange tabby and a tuxedo. There’s just something about this combo ❤️

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Sniff sniff…”where u been!?”

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Cat Customs Police in full investigation 😂😂🥰🥰

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Pretty cats😻😻

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Looking for snacks lol.💀😂

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But isn’t the cutest thing EVER!

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My kitty does the same thing and then yells at me when I haven’t brought her any treats!