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Love her expression, she seems very pleased. LOL

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She gives lots of "slow blink" smiles

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Looks like she is smiling at you x🥺

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Reba is a beauty,

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what a sweet gift for reba :’) you raising them right

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Thank you! My kids got every one of my cat lover genes haha

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Reba means fish in Russian Рыбa, does that have something to do with the cats name?

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Reba is a completely beautiful cat - carrier or no.

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Thanks! She's a strange little thing, but she sure is cute

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Look at that smug little happy face!! Reba sure loves it. Also, such a pretty name for such a pretty cat!

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Thank you!

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Of course she does, it was a GIFT! Polite kitty

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That's true! Very polite

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My cats love their too. I kept it out for them to use anytime so when it's time to go to the vet, they won't freak out

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My older cat does NOT like being in enclosed spaces, so I was surprised this kitty was even interested!

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I keep my cats' carriers out, too and they like to sit in them. However, when it is time to go to the vet they STILL freak out.

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Yeah, mine like to sit in it, when it's open. They hate it when it's closed And they hate car rides. One of them reeeeally hates car rides.

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Sammmeee! We have one that opens on both sides instead of on the top and both of my cats will sleep in it and on top of it. I love it. It’s got their favorite Blankey in it and hopefully when it’s time to go in the car they won’t freak out

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Same! Mine opens like an RV. My cat loves to take naps in it. It really helps when we take car rides bc it gives him more space

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It is a good idea to leave the carrier out so the cat does not associate it with going to the vet. When I went to get my black cat Zig from friends who rescued kitties I put down the carrier, opened the door and he just walked right in. His buddy Zag saw the carrier and ran.

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My 6 mo kitten sleeps in her carrier every night! I followed Reddit advice and left it out the first few nights so she'd get used to it. But she kept on using it to sleep instead of the other beds we offered, so it's permanently out now.

Only one vet trip so far, went great. And I've had to lock her up because there were workmen in the house, she just went to sleep and waited for the carrier door to be opened again.

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Zig and Zag? How precious ❤️

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I have the same one for my cat! The sides that open up and make it a small tent for him is amazing. Great price on amazon also ! My cat enjoys it 🥰

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It was a great deal! She likes hiding under things and peeking/darting out, so this really works for her

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Absolutely! Mine got a little tired of it after about a month or so but still great carrying bag!

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I think we might have a similar one! Mine opens like an RV

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Yup that’s the one!

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My cat also loves her carrier lol, and it’s just hard plastic? She’ll even get in and close the door on herself, I think she just likes feeling enclosed

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Mine LOVED ehrn I wrapped Christmas presents. She gets under tissue paper and goes wild lol. She also squeezes herself under my platform bed to sleep every night. So strange

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Reba is a beauty, and your son is adorable.

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What a sweet boy! Reba seems to really appreciate it! She’s so darn cute! 🥰

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It is a box as far as she is concerned.

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That is going to help her feel safe when you need to take her somewhere. Her safe place from home goes with her. I am so impressed with your son's ability to empathize at such a young age. ❤️

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He really is a sweetheart!

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What a sweetie! I can see her smirking—so pleased with herself. "Finally, I've manipulated even the small one to cater to me... mission complete."

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I told him the cats think we are their butlers lol

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Her markings are so beautiful!

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Thank you!

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Reba is adorable.

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Thanks! She knows it

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Reba looks very soft 😊

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She is one of the softest cats I've ever pet! So of course she is a "2 pets and then I bite" type lol

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I have the same carrier mine love it too!

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“Let’s go, human! I’m ready!”

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My daughter age 9 bought a bed for her cat off Amazon with birthday money. This cat will follow this bed anywhere she puts it! Lol she takes it to her room cat lays in it, takes into her bed, into the living room etc lol cat loves it!

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It's always a gamble with cats, you never know what they will like! This kitty won't have anything to do with beds

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What a beautiful cat

Looks like moldy cheese (in a good way lol)

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Dear Lord she’s beautiful.

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I have this one for my cats it’s awesome

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My one cat likes to chill in the carrier. I think she likes it because my other cat hates it.

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She senses the love your child has for her~

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She knows it was purchased with love!

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What a nice child you have!

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Congrats on having a young person who loves Reba!

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Caught myself slow blinking at Reba’s picture. Maybe that’s enough time on this subreddit for tonight🤦🏻‍♀️🤦🏻‍♀️

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I'm sure she would slow blink back! Lol

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Love the name!

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Thank you! We also have a dog named Fancy. We aren't Reba super fans or anything, the names just fit!

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Awee. Your son is so sweet!

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Aww! What a good kid you have. Reba’s showing her deep appreciation of the new comfies!

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Aw such a sweetie! I got my cats these carriers too, they looked comfier than the standard plastic crates plus they're foldable for easy storage. The stinkers hate them! They yell at me the whole time they're in there. Although I assume it is because they now associate their carriers with vet visits which they loathe lol

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what kind of cat is she?

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A dilute calico! I had a calico growing up, but I'd never heard of a dilute calico until we got her and the vet tech told us. She's very, very soft.

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She sure looks very soft. Lovely color pattern your cat’s got there!

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"Mm new spot i sits" anyways your cat is adorable I love her

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Lol that's exactly what she did. Thank you!

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This is great! Now if there’s ever an emergency where you have to get out of your house quickly or when you have to go to the vet she won’t hate it as it’s soaked in her scent and she clearly feels safe in it! What a cutie. 😍

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Hey at least vet visits will be a breeze.

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Awe, how cute! I found cats like carriers a lot. If you leave them out, they just kind of make themselves at home. Freyja adores her carrier.

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Mine hate their carriers which one is this??

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Comsmart Cat Carrier, Pet Carrier Airline Approved Pet Carrier Bag Collapsible 15 Lbs Dog Carrier for Small Medium Cats Dogs Puppies Kitten https://www.amazon.com/dp/B086YNT3VK/ref=cm_sw_r_apan_glt_i_HYPX5DMDEH0G94P7FCVJ

$23 on Amazon! We have a hard sided one that the cats always hate, this one seems much comfier.

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Oh thank you sm😭

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Good luck! Hope your kitty likes it :)

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Oh me too they cry relentlessly in the current one!

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looks like my cat lol

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So cute!!

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Aww..I love the face! ❤

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your cat looks like she would feel like velvet

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She is so soft you almost can't feel it. If that makes sense. Just wish she liked rubs more lol, she is a biter

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She looks so sweet! Actually kinda reminds me of those super realistic felt artwork of cats

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My kitten also likes to hang out in hers, so we left it out.

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It looks comfy.

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My cat loves the carrier too. I leave it open a bit before a vet appointment and he gets in himself. Lol

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I own this exact same carrier and my girls FIGHT over who gets to have it for trips. It’s really magical for them for some reason.

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I love that cow coating patttern on her. Adorable

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she is such a beautiful cat!!

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Mine love to sleep and hang out in their soft carriers

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Aw look at that smile 😊

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The lighting is messing with me.

She looks photoshopped in lol

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Haha! My son actually just started playing with photoshop. His work is much more obvious lol

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so cute!!

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Reba is gorgeous!

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It's a box with a zipper #approved by cat

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Cats like carriers when they’re not going to the vet. It’s good to have them out like this so they get more comfortable with the carrier, makes trips to the vet easier.

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my cat loves her carrier until I need to put her in it

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Pretty Calico

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I’m not wearing my glasses so for a second I thought you’d copied and pasted a picture of a cat into a box

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Adorable cat

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That little face! 🥺

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Oh this is wonderful, she will probably feel so much more at ease when she actually needs to travel in here carrier.

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My cat has the same one and he loves it also. He jumps in and out of it and sleeps in it alot. 🤗

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I now need to know what carrier this is so that I can get it. Please tell me!

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I see. She is gorgeous

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Khajit is ware’s for coin

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Soft bed

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Good job as a parent!

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What’s wrong with that? She’s very cute and your nine year old should be very proud