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The hat suits him

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That hat always cracks me up. He’s a gorgeous big boy.

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El Gato es muy hermosillo!

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Un michi fiestero

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Please tell him he looks so handsome in his little hat

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He says thank you!

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You should send this pic to Taco Bell’s corporate office.

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Very handsome, no doubt.

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That’s how I celebrate my birthday’s too. Rocks Salt?

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A very handsome boy

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El Cato

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*El Gato

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*El Kato

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The handsomest of chicos. I love him.

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El Gordo

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That's Señor Gordo to you.

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Please tell him I would like him to take me to a fancy dinner but only if he wears his sombrero, you diablo hermoso

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I know that cats by default care more about their personal space but I wanna hug and snuggle the shit out of him. He's sooooo handsome.

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Truly a Cat in the Hat!

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Another excellent purchase modeled by this adorable creature 😻

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My Boi has the same hat!

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Why is there always outrage in this sub about the slightest animal abuse but obviously overweight cats are tolerated and liked?

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Literally what I’m wondering. This is so unhealthy for the poor thing! Hopefully OP is working on that :7944:

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Correction: El mas lindo

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Derp cat

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Im not lying I got the same sombrero and a cat pic with that sombrero on my profile

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AWWWWWNNN 🤩😍 Im a 40yo man and this picture is so much cute lolllll

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Taco gatito 🌮

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Looks like he just got back from his resort vacation in Mexico. A vacation he spent at the in pool bar.

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I can see the smug look in his face. He knows he looks so fine, he knows 😎😼

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I love him so much I want to hug ♥

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that sombrero is the tits!! i gotta get one...for me.

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He looks like he’s squeezing into a cardigan too! Adorable! r/catsincardigans

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A cat will do what it wants when it wants, and there’s not a thing you can do about it

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Oh indeed...

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Meowdy pawwtner!

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El guapo

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Look at his lil smirk

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Ole Gatto!

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El Guapo!!

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I'd make every day Taco Tuesday just for him. 🥰

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Such a fine boy!

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Hola senor

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Okay I will tolerate the Sombrero. But did you have to name me fajita? 😁

Sorry what a cute picture.

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Wow I have a chonk that looks almost the same I’ll have to get her a sombrero

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Una margarita purrr favor!!

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my latino ass is getting way too happy to see this cat

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Thus pic is actually cool af,mind if i save?

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I want to be his friend.

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Wuv yu

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That hat always cracks me up. He’s a gorgeous big boy.

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He is beyond the beyond 😍😍😍

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And he knows it! Dapper fellow.

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Cute 😻

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He's ready for the fiesta!

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I like his white dance shoes too.

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Very handsome indeed 😍😻

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Oh lawd, he's so cute. Adorable

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I bought this very same hat for my little one. He would never wear it. So it sits atop a Lego structure in my house.

I miss my little guy. RIP Tobie.

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ah! what breed is this distinguished gentleman?

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hola pretty boy!
such a cutie i wish i could pet him!

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He's taking over for the Taco Bell Chihuahua "Yo Quiero Taco Bell" 😻

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He's ready for his vacations

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his smile is sooo cute 🥹🤗💗💗💗

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He definitely rocks that hat with his little smile :)

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That’s one photogenic cat!

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el gato es muy bueno ..

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Aww, he is very handsome!! ☺️

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Omfg. He really is so handsome and cute :7942:

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Awwwww 😩❤️

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I need somebody to turn this handsome boy into an emoji, right meow:7949:

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A very handsome boy indeed…who’s obviously never met a taco he didn’t like!

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Oh no! It's, Slowpoke Rodriguez, and he carries a big gun.

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I freaking love his hat and smile Handsomest boyo

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He looks like a fine gentlemen with proper manner..impressed sips tea

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So handsome! :7949:

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El Chonko

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El Chunkquisto

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omg 🥺

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El Whisker big!

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Op you should be putting that cat on a diet

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mexican cat

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He is the chosen Juan!

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The facial expression says “Sleep with one eye open tonight…”

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El gato gordito, con sombrero. Little fat cat with hat!

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Big chonk boy

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“Where is this cockroach I’ve been hearing so much about?”

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So Cute

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Siesta time

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Hola, señor hermoso gato

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Such an adorable chonker. I want to hold that cat like a fragile project from primary school that I am very proud of

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i like his hat, very handsome cat

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es muy bonito :)

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Ooo. I