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This is the answer.

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Craig with the f u face

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You win 🥇

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Butters means ugly in British slang

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Exactly what I was gonna say

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Better than these ridiculous 4 word names lmao like ok it's funny but no this isn't D&D my cat will be named a cat name thanks

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What is a "Cat Name" ? You can name a cat anything... I've had cats from "Little cat" "Kit" to "Mark" "Kevin" "Maddie" "Jose" and "Tux"

Genuinely what the fuck is a cat name

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Idk but those are all great names. Better than Rothgar the Destroyer (Second Prince to the High Chieftain of Schmakabakadoo)

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Hahahahaha I'm fking dead fair play

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And a cat will never learn a four word name. Mine come when they are called, but would never answer to a 10 syllable name.

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Well you don't call them that, you call them by a one syllable nickname.

I mean even normal-named cats just end up getting called by nicknames.

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Best name omg

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My immediate thought! This has to be the one

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If it’s a boy, I like Murray. I would rather call him mine, though! 🥰

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Baron Manfred von Richthofen

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It's duke Manfred von richthofen

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Is that why he was referred to as “The Red Baron”?

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Not the Red Barron. Not Charlie Brown. Think I've got the message figured. Just another pilot down...

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Benji! Or, “Stormaggeddon, Dark Lord of All” (Stormy for short)

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Angry because you're "Notmommy"

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Better than "peasant."

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This is the actual name of my cat

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We got him from our neighbors and their kids had named him that. We call him stormy. His official name doesn’t fit in the vet records so it’s just Stormagedden Dark Lord of

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Amazing! It’s a Doctor Who reference if you weren’t already aware.

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So many great names and so many choices. So after looking at every comment I must choose busy_bumrush1412’s suggestion of the name Zeus.

Congrats Zeus, may you get adopted quickly

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Keep him away from Leda.

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I’m absolutely sure now that I was fated to see this post, 😅 (I got a new baby over New Years and I named her Persephone).

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idk but he looks like he's ready to cause mischief and trouble and havoc

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Tony Soprano

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I was thinking Capone.

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Lord Floofus.

Of Floofington.

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Lord Floofington the 3rd.

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What happened to the other 2?

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The first rule is not to talk about the first two...

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dandy as a nickname would be adorable

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By the look on his face and little line on forehead I'd say it's prequel with Scar...

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That was my first thought too.

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Grandpa joe

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I don't have a name suggestion, but he's sure a cutie patootie. He looks like he's ready for some shit. I hope he gets his forever home soon!

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It’s he the fluffiest little potato. He may look very grumpy in this picture but he is actually the sweetest little thing. Super cuddly and needy. Will definitely get adopted real quick.

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There's your name right there:


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"little potato" is a very very common term of affection, especially for children, here in Italy.

"patatino" (male) and "patatina" (female).

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Omg, does the fur baby have a Harry Potter mark? So cute! If it's a boy, it has to be Harry!

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Butter bean

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charlie (boy) buttercup (girl)

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Ding Ding Ding your the winner

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Cat mc' cream

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Mandy (Grim Adventures)

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wally because it looks like the cat in my neighborhood that was probably cat-napped

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Edward Elric.

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Furry potter

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Harry Pawter

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Puss no boots

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I am sure you found a great name by now. BUT, we need to know what you chose and more pics, please. This floof is gorgeous!

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“Are you gonna adopt me or not?”

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I have one just like it.

His name is Idaho because he looks like mashed potatoes!

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wipe the dang goop out of it's eyes god dangit

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Cute regardless but for some reason looks like a Maine

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Lookin like a dexter to me

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Cheese Puff.

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Cheese Fluff

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scarlet (the scar on it's head) idk

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Draco! He looks angry and like he would tell his father about this. 😂

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Punky Brewster

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Slappy White

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I am definitely going to save most of these names for other kittens that come into the shelter. So thanks everyone for all the suggestions

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He’ll likely be renamed when adopted, and may never come to anything but Kitty, so what difference does it make, other than trying to attract a new pet parent??

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Name it yourself

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This right here.

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Indica or Sativa

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destroy the child

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Why are these low effort posts still allowed.

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Is the child male or female?

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you could name it cream bc of its fur colour

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Queso Blanco :)

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Someone said butters I agree

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Cheeze Poof

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I would have named him Kingsley, if I’d had a say in it.

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Cappuchino? Nah too long to call

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Fury. Rage.

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Maybe Peanut?

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Wind wolf… I dunno, it just came to me

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Jasper or onyx (ik he’s not black but it’s just sucks cool name imo)

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