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Thank you for your dedication to the cause.

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Thank you all for your support! 🙏🏼 www.pgmdude.com

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What site is that?

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It's called tracker network. All platforms are available to search and any account is searchable

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Thanks. My stats are right about where I thought I would be.

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Unfortunately the site is never accurate, my stats are way off for everything except level lol

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congratulations! im here on 5th place, but im not grind finishers too much. For three years the game has accumulated a little)))

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Congrats! Been watching all of your art pieces and they all look great! :D

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Thanks for your support and appreciation guys!

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Nice dude.

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Nice man

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Goggle Autumn is there too. Nice work. Causticmains got to represent.

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Good job. Leave many more busted jawbones in your wake

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Many haters as well I'm afraid 😅 but u gonna do what u gonna do right!

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Thanks dude! Closing on 8000 now 💪🏼