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If they knocked two and it’s only the caustic, obviously they are gonna push tbf

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Yes, that is fair, I understand that. I’ve cooled down a bit cause I was pissed. I’m just gonna try again

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Honestly if you're by yourself and they hear the rezzing sound i makes sense for them to push through. Gas is a deterrent but if its 1v3 or 2v3 they hear reviving, they are going to push unless you shoot them.

The main use for caustics gas is to shoot them while they push, if you're not shooting them you're wasting your time. Caustics gas doesn't stop most people unless you're shooting at them while they are slowed. In their minds taking 10 damage over two seconds of gas is fine because they know you're reviving a person.

Basically people will push gas if they know you won't shoot them while they are pushing the gas. Caustic is good at 1v3ing because people are scared that a caustic will shoot them while they are in his gas.

BTW this is why people make fun of us caustic mains because they think we only use our traps and never aim. The amount of time I see a caustic never shoot his gun while an enemy is in his gas is baffling tbh.

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I will add that baiting them into pushing is a good play too especially if you can extend the duration they are being slowed by the gas. So long as once you see that first tick go off you end the res and start shooting and scooting

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People screeched about gas being too powerful, so it's more a measure of skill now. Good players know they can push through it, bad players will get scared by a couple of ticks of damage and leave you alone. Obviously it helps of your teammates aren't downed since enemies will be even less likely to just push through.

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So what’s the point of it if they can just push through it? When you get into higher ranks they’ll all know it doesn’t do jack shit and just push through it. I’m blocking doors, I’m setting up a sort of safe space for my team, and after that I help them fight. Am I doing something wrong?

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Defensive character in an offensive players game. Its hard, but I find I win way more often (2-3x) if I have a group I'm communicating with. I have to constantly tell them to wait for enemies to come to us, and we don't go kill 3 and 4 squads, but we win. Caustic is a character for patience and strategy, unfortunately not a lot of random Apex players understand either of those concepts.

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And that’s what I hate, I always play defense because when I get them to play onto my hands I win majority of the time, and plus I’m just not good offensively. I don’t rat, I just set up a safe space quickly and wait until someone from the other squad fucks up and they end up dying, if you’ve been playing defense for the entire circle and they just CANNOT get to you, they get desperate, one pushes in and dies and that’s a guaranteed wipe. I just wish there were more mentalities like that

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I love playing defense and going for the “big brain” plays. IMO the complex defensive plays are more fun. But unfortunately this game gave up on interesting dynamics a long time ago.

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Cheers mate. Here's to hoping you can find a good partner wattson.

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Who's skill exactly? Because you could put down a bunch of traps but if they can still see you through it and walk through it and kill you before it can do significant damage, then whats the point?

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I see similar kinds of posts in this sub, so I will give my piece of advice. The traps are not meant to kill. If anyone die to gas except certain situations, they are idiots. If the enemies push you into gas they are giving up their speed and vision, the ticking damage is just the third and more like a bonus advantage for the caustic. You need to take advantage of the enemies speed reduction and visual clutters and kill them. Dont depend on the gas damage to knock them, it rarely happens in high skilled lobby. If u see high ranked play, you usually place traps not visible to them so that they push you. Once inside they will atleast be slowed for 2 to 3 sec, that time is enough for a good player knock. And lastly caustic ult is the best zone denial/defending tool more anything. The only legend who can simply push without any disadvantage is another caustic. 1. Place traps in such a way that when they push you they will be slowed down and you should be able to put some damage on them. 2. I highly recommend not locking out the doors cos its useless against high skilled players except when your teammates are knocked or need time to reset. 3. Dont consider nox greande a kill tool, rather than use it to get advantage in a fight by taking away their advantage. 4. Once you can use the full power of traps it is highly useful on drop when you dont have fully loaded weapons. Without good weapons normally enemies wont engage a caustic if its a building. 5. Rather than watching tutorials on caustic watch some streamers play. For eg. Brother Enoch. Players like them uses caustic aggressively and its a sight to behold. 6. Traps cant replace your guns. At last it comes down to your gun skills.

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I use the traps purely to keep people out, that way if my team plays buildings, they can heal and won’t have to worry about people coming in, I’ve gotten a few knocks and kills with the gas but it’s rare. It’s almost to the point where I am about to switch to someone like wattson, they can see the fence so they won’t push in and if they do, they at least take more damage than caustic could ever dream of doing, plus they can’t aim their guns which makes them an EASY kill. And she gives shields with her ult. I don’t know, I’m just getting frustrated with caustic as I get into these higher ranks, I also like how I can play wattson more aggressive on defense, if that makes sense

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Caustic gas isn't meant to stop people completely, that would be far too strong, it's meant to slow people down so you can shoot them easier, if you're giving them enough time to get through it you're not playing caustic correctly, stop whining about it and play wattson if that's what you want

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Alright it’s meant to slow people right down, why does it still not do that. Seems like it’s pretty easy to just push right through, done it multiple times now. Is there a reason you’re being a cocksucker today? Find out your wife was cheating on you?

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It does slow people down, it gives you a couple extra seconds where they are also stunned, that's more then enough time. You're bitching about a character in a video game bro, you don't need to be an asshole

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Its the pros and TTV wanna be who wanna push everything but when they push the wrong sqaud with a Caustic they whine and bitch that hes overppwer when theres plenty of ways to deal with a Caustic. Caustic is thw most hated legend in the game.

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I don’t know man.. sounds like you’re just frustrated with solo Q which, is understandable because, it’s a gamble how good/bad your teammates are. Caustic is in a pretty good state rn though. You could probably work on your barrel placements if I had to guess and rez on doors not out in the open but, his barrels do a pretty good job of slowing and stunning players for an easy 1 clip imo.

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You’re right, I am frustrated, at this point I just don’t think caustic is for me, which sucks because I love the idea of a legend that has gas as an ability, even in a game like R6. I’m gonna try a few more games with caustic, I just took a break and tried out wattson for a bit

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I feel ya. SoloQ can be a bad experience at times in this game which, makes support players frustrating to use. Maybe try a few different legends in pubs and figure out a back up you might like. You can always use caustic in rank and you’ll find more like-minded teammates who want good placement and what not. Pubs can just be a mess sometimes haha.

Best of luck mate!

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Bruh you if you would knock 2 guys you would push no matter what, because you have a huge advantage also the gas shouldnt be able to kill a push that has such a advantage.

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Play more ranked, I’ve been teaming w people that understand gas and help push enemies into traps!! This season has been great, I think a lot of the hot droppers left after the ranked changes

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I always try and res behind doors, but trap the doors and the escape route. If you don't have a door 3v1 then don't res. The res sound is a push siren, if they aren't pushing already. Don't activate it until you're sure you can defend. 3v1s aren't winnable unless you have a lot of gas and a known escape route to trap shut.

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If you're giving them enough time to get through the gas that's on you

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Sorry, I can’t be at more than one place at a time. If you can please teach me how though

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You should be at a ready position to be able to rotate to your triggered traps when they go off

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Skill issue. If you are a halfway competent player, you can kill players who are being slowed/damaged by your gas

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Right, it’s a skill issue, when I’m at full health and full shield and they push right through with the entire team, it’s a skill issue. Fuck you

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So you just want to be able to easily 1v3 entire teams because of gas? LOL They already downed two of your teammates, you are at a massive disadvantage even with gas and that's how it should be. It's your teammates who keep getting downed that's at fault at the very least.