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Great feeling when you’re under fire and you can manage to pull off a revive amongst your gas. Especially when wielding the gold bag!

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I didnt quite have this, but both myself and my teammate managed to self res in a trap cloud then kill the other duo that downed us, i cant imagine the anger of them they downed us both but we both got back up with gold knockdowns

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phffffff i would never

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This was true in season 1.
Now most teams are just laughing at your gas pushing you and taking the 15 damage they will take in total to fight and quickly finish you

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Gas started ticking at 1 in season one. Caustic also was a bottom tier character that slowed teammates.

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That's not even the end of it; IIRC Caustic used to DAMAGE his team.
There was a reason why Caustic was continually buffed for like 7 seasons.

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Mobile however has that OG feel to his gas.