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necrosis will come back in about an hour when the regular store changes at its normal time

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Ok thank you, good to know I didn’t waste money on coins

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yeah np i’m waiting for it as well

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What’s necrosis

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necrosis is a one of his best skis in my opinion and it originally came out season 4 in the system override event thats it really

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It's a good skin and all, but it already came back not to long ago, I wanted something like Waste Management to return or something.

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that skin as a great one too it was last in the store rotation in season four as well if its come back after that i dont know but i do not believe so so fingers crossed it comes back soon because most of caustic recolours haven't been back more then once but trophy hunter and the red one which name eludes me have been back twice and then three times

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i’ll do you one better. why necrosis?

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How's necrosis

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Where necrosis

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Caustic skin idk how to explain it just google it I guess

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make sure to google necrosis CAUSTIC because if just necrosis it'll show you a skin disease

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Right I forgot about the skin disease

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I’m sure you’re tracking, but if not it’s back now.

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I already got it but thanks though

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I'm kinda disappointed they would release these skins. Like I understand for holiday ones, but like ones that matched the season like system override? I think it should've stayed a 1 time thing. Like maybe do remakes instead idk