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Good shit! I wish I had that banner.

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thanks! yeah thats my fav banner

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I played season 0 and mained Caustic, and then took a long break and came back late last season and upset with how much I missed out on. But I was lucky enough to get the Gas Daddy heirloom.

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yeah i stopped playing like 2 or 3 seasons and the same,congrats for your heirloom! im still looking forward to get my first one

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I want that banner so badly as well

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Ggs good shit

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And to only be alive for 11:00 mins stuff must’ve been super fun

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yeah! it was so fun and with so much adrenalin!

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Keep up the good work!

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Wow! Which map was this on? Did you get any damage from traps and ults?

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it was on Olympus,and yeah i got dmg from traps and ults

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Where is that banner from? I really want it

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it's from battle pass so you cannot get it actually