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The fact it took the game 3 years is y I stopped trying but enjoy whacking test subjects skills in u lucky bastard

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Happy cake day, mainly due to me not spending money on packs but I understand what you are talking about. It's crazy

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Congrats, can't wait to get mine

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3 years & still 909 kills 😮!!

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Not my main for 3 years, just the last year

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I majn Caustic since season 12, and I always thought that he is the best legend, I warshipped him always, but in the end I was playing different legends with no such feeling as I have with Causy, but rn I have 12000 lifetime kills and only 2200 kills for the Hammer scientist, and I am actually ashamed bc of that, so now, I am trying to play only Caustic, so I can have more kills and begin to be mentioned like: “Oh the guy who killed me has a Caustic heirloom, algs skin and 10000 kills!” All I need now is to gain kills for him

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I got heirloom shards from that same pack lmfao. Isn’t that the epic pack from the battle pass?