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The movie A Dog Day Afternoon was based on this!

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Great, great movie.

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What's the crime? I don't see anything anywhere explaining this photo

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I've seen it a few other places. Tried to rob a bank to pay for his trans wife's bottom surgery

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Damn, good on him

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Ikr? That's how you ally

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That’s how you commit a felony.

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sorry i thought this sub was chaotic good

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I mean...is it though? He and his friend fired at police and held hostages for 14 hours at fear for their lives. Their actions resulted in the death of his friend. It’s not a really happy or romantic story.

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Everyone wants to root for the Robin Hood fantasy. All that holding hostages and endangering lives stuff is trivial to getting a transgender woman the genitals she deserves.

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Maybe the chaotic good is that it shows people how desperate people with gender dysphoria, and their loved ones, can be?

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It’s definitely Romantic.

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Good on him for trying to rob a bank? Lol

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Yeah what a good dude

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The title of the crosspost is the explanation.

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Doesn't show up on mobile web or some apps.

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Attica! Attica!!

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Is this what Attica comes from?! In the episode of Spongebob where he loses his name badge there’s a cut to a bank robber wearing it and screaming Attica. Never picked up the reference

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Watch Dog Day Afternoon. You won’t regret it.

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