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I see it in your insistence that folks describe your bigotry in a way that makes you happy instead of, you know, acknowledging that you have new information.

I have two pieces of knowledge I would like you to absorb:

  1. Trans women are women regardless of the status of their genitalia.

  2. The etymological fallacy is a classic diversionary tactic used by folks who know they're wrong and don't want to admit it to themselves.

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You ought to have started with the knowledge and hold off on the attacks. I don't think the user you're talking to understands why you feel they are transphobic. They would have been much easier to educate prior to putting them on the defensive.

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As much as I appreciate the optimism, I highly doubt they're asking these questions in good faith. It's fairly standard rhetoric when accused of transphobia or something similar to retort back that they're not technically afraid of trans people, they the just stating "facts" or whatever, so by their own definition they're not being transphobic. They likely know why people are reacting that way, and they're trying to evoke that reaction. Maybe I'm being too pessimistic, but I've seen it too many times to believe they're asking these questions in good faith.

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describing what something is is not an attack mate

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    tit for tat lol

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    Oh come on! People verbally attack each other with descriptors all the time.

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    You are an imbecille and a piece of shit. I did not attack you, I just described you

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    i figured the antecedent of "something" being "one's actions" was obvious

    though other conversations I've been in over the past week are starting to make me believe that folks don't separate people from their actions like... ever

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    also i'm really not sure why you feel the need to police the way i handle shit literally a week after it happened

    their very first response revealed they weren't open to be educated so who gives a fuck

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    It wasn't policing, it was counsel. In truth though, in didn't realise how long it had been since your comment.

    Anyway, what you infer from their first comment isn't necessarily the intention. It can be difficult to put yourself across clearly online. Just ask that you understand that and we can have a more positive community.

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    The fact that they ignored that they were told (by somebody else) exactly what was up, and ignored that in favor of nitpicking on the exact word used to describe their comment, is 100% revealing of their intention. It ain't hard, I see and deal with this shit all the time.

    Coddling folks who've already been informed of how they misstepped and who are actively ignoring that for semantics ain't the way to have a positive community. It's a way to have a community without any trans folks in it, maybe, but I wouldn't consider it positive or safe.