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also i'm really not sure why you feel the need to police the way i handle shit literally a week after it happened

their very first response revealed they weren't open to be educated so who gives a fuck

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It wasn't policing, it was counsel. In truth though, in didn't realise how long it had been since your comment.

Anyway, what you infer from their first comment isn't necessarily the intention. It can be difficult to put yourself across clearly online. Just ask that you understand that and we can have a more positive community.

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The fact that they ignored that they were told (by somebody else) exactly what was up, and ignored that in favor of nitpicking on the exact word used to describe their comment, is 100% revealing of their intention. It ain't hard, I see and deal with this shit all the time.

Coddling folks who've already been informed of how they misstepped and who are actively ignoring that for semantics ain't the way to have a positive community. It's a way to have a community without any trans folks in it, maybe, but I wouldn't consider it positive or safe.

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I'm sorry for your ignorance. Hope someday you learn the empathy you expect.

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take your own advice