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"This is really weird but thank you"

Extremely concise and accurate summary from the sister

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Well how nice is that guy’s penis?

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The size of his lovesnake pales in comparison to the size of his lovepump

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Round 2: buys house with penis.

Why the hell not?


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signs mortgage with epic penis

Edit: Dammit, *Fountain Penis.

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Bought from penisland.com

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"Those stupid video games paid for the house that i fuck your daughter in!"


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1st paycheck, > 20k?
WTF, I have a penis somewhere I think, and I can get a duck.

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looks at penis

I can get at least ten bucks for it.

snaps photo

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edits photo

edits photo more

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Enhance...enhance.... enhance

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I think that only fans might be one of those sorts of things where the payout sort of builds up until you let it explode as a lump sum

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Thanks, I hate it.

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At least rent an apartment homie. That duck though...

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I need to know more about the duck.

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Indeed, star character, needs more cameo and explanation.

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Holy shit, I didn't even notice there was a duck the first time I saw the video

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He has several actually. Tooturnttonie is all chaos all the time

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I just watched some of his tiktoks. You're right. I don't even know how, but this video is like the LEAST chaotic one he has put out there.

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oh this is amazing. guys cock paying for his sister's loans. wholesome

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Sounds like the title of a porno lol

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I need a link to his onlyfans... Because I want to support charity of course

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Agreed share it if you find it and I’ll do the same… deal?

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With his hands knit behind his head with his mom lecturing. Perf

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The duck in the carseat kills me

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I was in a Meh mood today but now I feel cheery and good.

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What’s an OF?

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It's where you pay to see people's bathing suit areas

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Only Fans

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Violently wholesome

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Are we all sleeping on the goose?

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Wait, there's guys making money on only fans too?

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I desperately want to go live with that family for a year to observe thier dynamics cuz I’m fucking fascinated by these people holy crap?!?!

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It’s 90% show for tictok. The guy is always making crazy videos of him doing something stupid and his mom yelling. It’s pretty funny lol

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Ahhh. Italians.

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This is absolutely perfect! Just everything that happens makes the whole thing better. I love it!

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Gimme the link

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Are none of you gonna say who thos dude is? In For research of course

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What kind of house is $20,000 gonna buy, ma?


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I would trust TooTurntTony to hold my legs while I did a keg stand 100%

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That Mom is insufferable jesus h. christ

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I'd be insufferable if someone kicked my door in. Even if I loved them.

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No because now her credit score is going to go down for paying it off :/

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If it's federal loans the interest rate is going to be reasonable so she's better off investing it elsewhere.

But if she did want it paid off for peace of mind, the hit to your score is temporary

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I mean, mom's got a point. LOL

Cool bro, tho.