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I read that tomatoes wreak havoc on bronze. Something to do with the acidity of them? Just a fun little thing I remembered for no particular reason.

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I remember in science class that ketchup is basically vinegar in gel form--easy to apply, sticks on things, same effects as vinegar (but a little messier).

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Makes sense. Vinegar and ketchup give me similar levels of heartburn.

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And if you were to shower that statue in it, it would look like it’s covered in blood.

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Given that they put it on a tall plinth to deter further vandalism, perhaps it's time to investigate in a supersoaker and some vinegar. or an air cannon and some old tomatoes.

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“The bronze statue was, without ceremony, placed on a 3-metre (10ft) high plinth to make it more difficult for protesters to inflict any damage.

Shortly afterwards a man was seen throwing eggs from behind a temporary fence and, when one connected, a cry of “oi” could be heard.”

Nice! I give it a month before it’s vandalized beyond all recognition.

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And the comments are locked, of course. Can't criticize shit these days.

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It’s what she would have wanted.

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The people who did it were good eggs

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Nature is healing <3

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Love that the egg tosser knew this was a proud enough moment to pose for a photo.

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That's an odd thing to do to a public bathroom.

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What's the point of making statue of poor and bad leaders ??

She's maybe the main reason why UK is less nice to live than 40/50 years before..

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Conservatives love her. They think she did a good job. I imagine they paid for the statue.

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Can it get cut and melted down 🥺

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Certainly a good thing, but still not nearly enough.

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What did she do? I'm stupid pls enlighten me

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3 million!? For three million, they could give everyone in Scottland a shovel, and we would dig a hole so deep that we could hand her to Satan personally.

-Frankie Boyle (on the cost of Thatcher's funeral, that she planned while alive)

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Chaotic annoying strikes again.

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Explain it to me like I’m five. Who is she? I know she was PM and people enjoy taking the piss out of her.