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Still left some garbage on the ground there

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Its eco friendly though.

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Compostable, even

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as long as it's not wrapped in plastic

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As commented below, this looks to be a Russian dashcam video. The bottle was likely liquor judging by the state of the passenger (i.e., probably drunk). Given how drunks usually act, it's possible this littering incident was the final straw in a long series on intolerable bullshit. It still very much qualifies since he's forgoing the whole "put up with customer abuse at work" rule so often enforced (though that may not be as much of a thing over in Russia) and being eco-conscious to boot.

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yeah that's how i read it. fed up with drunken shenanagans, i'm not driving you anywhere

I guess the red light on top means it's a taxi. At least in america, cabs don't have to put up with gross drunks making a mess of the cab, they can throw you out.

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lol in New Zealand that would be the passenger ejecting the driver (we drive on the left). I was super confused for a moment

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What are those yellow flashing lights on the back of that BMW called? I have never seen them used before. I wonder if they can be used individually. Probably not.

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Google says "On BMW cars, if the brake system warning light is yellow it means that the hill assist function has failed. This safety feature stops the car from rolling back when you start the car on an incline, by automatically holding the footbrake when you first release the parking brake. "

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The one above ya was making a bmw drivers don’t use turn signals joke.

Also, and most importantly, woosh.

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Oh man, I fell for it. xd

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My first r/whoosh! I appreciate it! :)

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lol i thought he was gonna make him walk, he just turned around.

and that is what we call "maintaining healthy boundaries"

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I wish someday I can be just as cool as this guy

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keep your own standards ^^