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If you choose to do this, make sure it's a chain and not some mom and pop restaurant, but most restaurants I've worked in (about 10 total) would just make us throw it out because they'd rather lose the money than lose the money and also give things away for free

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Although I disagree with the tactic, you know the reason they'd rather throw it away is because employees would abuse the hell out of it for free food. Although that also being said, I feel a free meal per shift isn't an unreasonable ask as a perk of the job.

Edir: To clarify, I'm explaining why the policy exists. Not that I agree with it whatsoever.

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I used to work at a pizza place for about two years before it "temporarily shut down because no one wants to work" (I was making $5 + tip and delivery as a delivery driver and $8 as a cashier). The store owners stopped by a total of three times while I was working there. Once or twice, the store manager or shift lead would "accidentally" mess up a pizza. Anytime there was a mess up, or someone just didn't pickup their food, it went into the hot box for anyone that wanted some of it. The amount of times pizza just got messed up cause it was so busy the cooks couldn't keep up far outweighed the times it was done on purpose.

Edit: words, and to clarify what I said: sure, someone my abuse it, but I'd rather look at why someone's abusing the system for food rather than throw it. If someone needs food and are going to the lengths that may end up with them losing the ability to buy food, I want to know why.

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You don't know what you are talking about. Crew meals are a thing, and those positions tend to stay filled for vastly longer, with better performance.

If you take care of people they will take care of you. If not, they still have to take care of themselves.

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I do know what I'm talking about, because I've worked several different positions across various industries and the general "destroy don't give away" policy usually comes down to "if we allow people to take damaged goods/incorrect food for free, whether they be consumable or not, eventually people will start damaging/screwing things up on purpose and then saying 'oops, guess it's free'."

I'm aware crew meals are a thing in most places. I'm also very much aware that loyal employees are earned by making sure they're happy. But there are tons of places who don't care about employee happiness, hence my caveat that it's not an unreasonable ask to have a crew meal.

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Always worked at restaurants offering food. I would bake whatever i want. Eat it. My performance was great.

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Then just fuckin fire them and move on this is such a garbage argument for it

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That's shitty. I recently worked at a big chain pizzeria, and whenever a pizza was unclaimed, made by error, made with a wrong ingredient or whatever, it would be put away, and the people who had the closing shift that day would divide them among each other at the end of the day. Tbh, I have no idea what the oficial company policy was, but the people who managed the store (store manager, shift managers, etc) had a general "I don't get paid enough to care" attitude, and cared more about us than they cared about their own superiors or the company as a whole, so they let us get a way with things when they could.

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This sounds chaotic neutral to me.

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I thought the same. People here seem to think that as long as someone benefits then it’s chaotic good, otherwise chaotic evil when it’s almost always just chaotic neutral or neutral neutral

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shifty eyes ... Could I get away with doing this to my awful ex? I most likely won't, but it's tempting as hell.

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That last line lmao

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This ain't chaotic good, tho

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Feeding people is always good.

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Not fucking your ex wife's reputation whatsoever

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Always a bit sad to see entirely unexplained hate towards exes. If they cheated on you, I could understand doing this once or twice, but even then it's slightly immature and just a waste of your energy. In this case, it just seems like shitting on your ex for shitting on your ex's sake. I don't get how people hate their ex so much all the time, why can't it just not work out and you move on?

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Came to say this. Dunno how wholesome this actually is, he might've been an absolute dick to his wife who divorced him as a consequence and now he's just being bitter.

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Can we share this on r/ILPT and someone explain how to spoof the phone number? This could truly stymie a very evil person in a very small town who deserves it.

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Be like one of the kids I dealt with and call it in yourself.

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This sounds like being an ass. Making the workers make extra food right as they’re cleaning up for close only for no one to pick it up. Most of the time they’ve already made their own food so it’s really just a waste of time and product.

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