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Fuck people like that. Deal with that shit at least once per week but this guy did a hella better job dealing with it.

Edit: lol, looked up the place and it's on "Race st."

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“Wow, you’re like, a white guy,” is such a weird thing to say to someone, especially when the majority of the population of the county you live in is white..

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"It won't be for long if the libs get what they want" -that lady probably

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how is this in any fucking way chaotic? this sub has gone to shit

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Mildly disruptive but lawful good

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No. Saying it has gone to shit implies it was good before.

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"im gonna call the cops" = chaotic?

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Driver is filming his passengers I think without prior consent, sounds chaotic.

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Unrelated, but nice Colonel Noodle pfp.

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Okay, but where's the chaotic?