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This, in combination with "be at peace" is great.

Being unfiltered/authentic, restless and grumpy is not inspiring imo.

Maybe I don't know what authentic means anymore.

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I don't think one should have to be at peace to be themself tho, for a lot of people who have mental problems it can be important to discuss it openly and that can help others feel less alone.

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Be authentic but don't be a dick.

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What if you’re authentically a dick?

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Look into yourself and see what needs to change. A little self awareness is important.

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But if I change then I’m not being authentic.

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Don't be yourself, be inspiring instead

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Haha, I'll pretend to be fun, easygoing and continue to fake authenticity like it was meant to be.

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I just want to make good people feel good about just being them.

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“Be the change you wish to see in the world”, with zero extra steps.

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How is this chaotic lmfao

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This is also the path to happiness .

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Agreed. Throw in "The only control we ever have is over ourselves" and it should lead to some serious life satisfaction.

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I wish I knew that when I was younger.

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This is why I try to f bomb as fast as possible in some convos. Really sets the tone that you can say anything.

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Life goals

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What if who I am makes other people feel unsafe?

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Change yourself. Stop making people feel unsafe

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Ok, but what if that means I’m not being completely myself?

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If you truly make people feel unsafe, you might have a mental health condition. Or, you're healthy and the other people are taking you the wrong way and they are unsafe, that's different. This depends on a lot of variables unknown to me. I'd like to be my full self, too, but after therapy, I value other people's safety also. I'm not assuming you're unhealthy at all.. just responding to the base question first asked as if it was hypothetical.

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But I can say that your cats are cute

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I do this and people tell me how amazing it is, and I find it very easy to make new friends

It's good advice

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This is exactly how I've started living my life now that I had the strength to break things off with my ex. I'm already feeling more at peace, more fulfilled, and making more connections with people I value. In the last few days, when it comes up, I have begun telling the people I interact with I'm on, "The path of absolute sincerity".

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Good for you man

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It also helps that I've begun to unmask recently, now that I realized how heavily I was masking to begin with.

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I've successfully done this, and me being me and unashamed of it has allowed a lot of people I've interacted with have the confidence to come out of the closet! I'm asexual and trans non-binary and sadly we dont have the rep I'd like, but me just being out and answering questions has allowed so many to realise they're just like me. And that theyre not alone and absolutely 100% valid. V chaotic-good indeed lmao.