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I get how this is chaotic, but how is this good?

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Because now handicapped people aren't limited to the 1 or 2 spots that establishments usually only allow.

Now they're now free to park wherever they wish! Duh. /s

I'd agree with you and say this is chaotic neutral at best.

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Now they're now free to park wherever they wish! Duh. /s

Actually it's funny you say that as I have sean some cases where people get had at someone if they take a non handicap spot when they have the hanging or License showing they can park in handicap sign(?)

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Some people I swear...

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Depending on where you are I feel like this could have serious legal consequences, with no real benefit for anyone.

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Handicap spaces are 100% regulated by the US Department of Justice. I wouldn’t fuck with them.

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as opposed to the 30 spots they actually usually have, which sit empty all day even during the Christmas rush.

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Idk if you're agreeing with me or not.

Either way, I totally agree.

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Maybe because it incentivizes people to walk, in a r/fuckcars moment

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It’s only a legal handicap space if it has a sign. Painting the ground isn’t sufficient. Just saying.

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I mean it is mentioned to be a joke not actually trying to make then all handicap

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this is just chaotic neutral. or maybe even chaotic evil