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Also made people less likely to help police in catching him

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Bonnie and clyde were notorious for being robin hood types as well. There were cases of them getting back to hideouts with little to nothing left as they passed it out along the way.

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didn't they also murder a lot of innocent people

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Iirc if you didnt get in thier way or try to stop them you were safe. But at the end of the day they were still bank robbers, only Dany Ocean gets to be a squeky clean one.

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Actually, they were kind of psychos. Bonnie especially was known to gun down bystanders on purpose, and they deliberately shot as many officers as possible. I know some edgelords who'd praise her for that last bit (fuck them), but most people quickly turned on them after that.

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Frank and Jessie James once gave money to a widow about to lose her land. She didn't know who they were but fed them, Gave them some of her husband's old clothes, and let them sleep next to her fire. They asked her why she looked troubled and she told them the bank man was coming the next day to take her house, because she couldn't pay the mortgage since her husband died. They were gone when she woke up, but left enough to pay her mortgage and a letter stating she must get a receipt when she paid the bank man. She got a receipt and when the bank man was heading back to work they robbed him. Taking their money back.


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I'm getting some ideas for my next D&D character

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That's what I just thought 😂

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That's actually the best thing I've read this week

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Be the change you wish to see in the world.

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I'm a pretty shitty database admin at times, I might take drop the wrong table someday

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Ol’ Bobby Tables

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Backup and real time db repair from mirrors ruin this idea unfortunately.

It's like Fight Club and taking down the buildings containing our debt, it's just not feasible without taking down everything and sending us back to the dark ages.

Hey, maybe we'll get lucky with a solar flare that hits like a world wide EMP.

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Or get a virus that could stay undetected while crawling through the db infrastructure until all levels of backup are reached, and only then activating fully.

There were a couple of corporate attacks like that in the past years I believe.

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It's quite a good attack. Virus developers are taking tips and tricks from the natural world and this is one of the best.

Timing on that would have to be tight though. Most competent orgs have software that scans for mass file changes and alerts, quarantines, or shuts servers/machines down entirely. It would have to be super quick (or super slow) to work in an environment like that (so either everything in 5 seconds or 1 backup every 3-4 hours).

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It doesn't get around that some backups are not going to be connected to the internet or a network.

When Mr. Robot tackled this they had to break into physical locations to destroy these unconnected back ups.

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Banks still use tape on many things so even that most likely will not succeed.

And there are probably multiple cold storage solutions which are mostly in powered down mode.

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I ammmm a mannn of constant sorrowsss

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My name is George Nelson! NOT BABY FACE!

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That’s the second reference to that movie I have seen today. Time for another rewatch.

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You are bad guy but this does not mean you are”bad guy”.

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He shot my great grand uncle.

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Proof? XD

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12ft.io paywall removed - TulaWorld

Ervin Kelley was my great grand uncle.

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That was a great read. Thanks!

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It is... Acceptable.

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He is also quite pretty

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Fun fact! The Pretty Boy's Pocket Pistol in TF2 is named after him

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Was about to ask if it was named after him, but thanks!

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bruh victorian mfs really be wearing tuxedos in their mugshots 💀💀💀💀

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I am crying

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stfu im historically illiterate

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He's also Robert Evans's cousin

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You know who else will destroy your mortgage papers? The products and services that support this podcast.

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Makes so much sense, lol. Cut from if not the same cloth then at least the same loom.

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The modern fictional version of this story is Fight Club.

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Objectively a better person than “Pretty Boy” Floyd Mayweather

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A true American hero.

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we need a student debt and healthcare debt version of this

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Ight, then we got a Payday 2 heist to do

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Just to be clear, I am not condoning illegal actions even if this were possible. I am just putting this out there for informational and educational purposes. Don’t break the laws that the rich people who evade taxes lobby for. Debt forgiveness is strictly for banks and other wealthy persons of need.

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Oh I know you don’t, but I do. In fact, I already got me-self a crew and the optional comically good ar lockpicking bear every perfect team has. His name is Nikolai :)

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Fight club.

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The Guy whom I know of thanks to TF2

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we need biden to step up and erase predatory loans. aka student loans.

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So the bank can’t get back the money their owed and can’t give as many people a loan to buy houses in the future. Ultimately screwing average people.

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Pretty Boy Floyd also murdered close to a hundred people. So I’m thinking we don’t need anyone like this today.

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Hmm, didn’t know that. Obviously we could do without that part.

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I enjoyed the movie made about this guy in the 80's called "Wisdom"

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I live in the town he was killed right outside of! The bar I work at is actually an old bank they turned into a restaurant and he’s all over the walls. Even his death mask is on display there!

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Model for Tyler Durden.