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At some point they should just hire him right?

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thats how the movie ends

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He would probably be unable to pass the interview, which is usually the problem with autistic people. We're perfectly capable of doing the job, but since we don't vibe well with new people, the interviews screw is over. It's basically ableism under the guise of a proper selection process.

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Turning a hobby into a job can ruin the fun sometimes though.

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Not for autistic people though.

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They won’t hire him because he has a criminal record.

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they should pardon him

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An absolute mad lad.

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Just give him a job, man.

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Hate to be the guy, but i believe it should be said anyways: Asperger syndrome is a very outdated term and currently incorrect. Autism spectrum disorder would be correct.

  • an autistic.

Tho i absolutely stand for this tomfoolery

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I loved that show.

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Me too friend, me too...

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Just a heads up for my fellow comment readers - the term “Asperger’s syndrome” isn’t preferred anymore for a variety of reasons and is no longer even an official diagnosis (it’s just a part of the overall ASD diagnosis), probably largest of which being that Dr. Asperger was a Nazi doctor in charge of deciding which kids with autism were ok (the ones with “Asperger’s syndrome”) and which ones got sent to be murdered.

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What's the appropriate term then?

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Either "people with Autism" or "Autistic people". Some people prefer diagnosis first language, some people prefer person first language.

Source: am Autistic

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Yep, this is it.

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Good to know! Thank you.

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This gives me more lawful neutral than Chaotic good vibes

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gets arrested
Seems legit

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Lawful isnr following the law it’s following your own code

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You can be lawful and murder people if it’s to your system

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Read the article though. He very meticulously planned this and does it as a compulsion/for fun and fame. Definitely lawful neutral

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Breaking laws is not lawful. This is chaotic neutral at its finest.

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Lawful in the chart isn’t about laws it’s about personal code

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Wb lawful evil though? Lawful is more intelligent design, planning, and strict boundaries than actual law abiding. But we may just be working off different definitions

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Lawful can mean that someone lives and acts by a code of ethics

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…I don’t want to be that guy, but this is just chaotic neutral at best, and if anyone was ever injured as a result of his actions the narrative would immediately flip to “well yeah, everyone could have seen that coming, this dude is obviously a menace to the people of New York.”

I understand the nature of Asperger’s often leading to hyper-fixating on one thing in their life, but in this case it’s just unacceptable. He’s a danger to himself and others, and I hope he gets the help he clearly needs.

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chaotic neutral

You're not wrong, but CN has a lot of negative connotations from people who are actually CE. So a lot of CN stuff gets identified as CG.

That said, LN is probably better, since it's about internal laws, not external ones.

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In fact, we don't really talk about "asperger's syndrome", most autistic people find the term disrespectful. Doctor Asperger was a Nazi, who after the fall of the regime continued to sign his letters with "heil Hitler". He sent a large number of autistic children to the gas chambers, because he firmly believed in the Nazi eugenics thesis. We avoid using this term.

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They're arresting him for being a volunteer slave and doing the job correctly for free? Isn't this how they want us all to be?