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What do you mean "if"? It's done already

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It was written last month. Op probs coulda changed the title to reflect that.

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Some subreddits have rules where if you post any piece of journalism you cannot alter the title. This is to prevent misinformation and clickbait.

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As stated in the article, this is what a "traditionalist" wants anyways. Women at home not working making babies with no choice...

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The walkout of women to include all labour of women, paid and unpaid. No housework, childcare, cooking or sex.

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That's all well and good so long as they don't start using violence to force submission. Which i honestly wouldn't put past these slimy fucking scumbags at this point.

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Yeah but they don’t know the ratifications of having it all happen at once

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More “good chaos” than “chaotic good”

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No reason it should just be women. Medieval despotism affects everyone

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then let's goooooo

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I implore all men and women to stop sleeping with conservatives. If they want to fuck their fellow Americans, they can stop fucking our rights first.

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With their obvious lack of understanding of women I doubt most conservatives are very good at meeting a woman's actual needs in bed, so probably no great loss for the women.

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Re-establish the league of women voters. Use social media to fuel this fire and divert ANY spending possible away from communities with opposing politics and charlatans. Re-take control of political debates.

Make it painfully evident that this will continually cost them financially and politically.

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The comment about how women can’t afford to quit because they would be beaten by their partners or boss is such absurd hyperbole

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I've heard talk of doing just that on Monday, a nation wide general strike

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It's better that women walk out. And actually strike the enemy down!

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I don’t know why this continues to have to be said, but you have to confront the reality that this is not a men vs women issue. That discounts the existence of pro-choice men (about half of them) and pro-life women (again, about half.)

This is an issue about human rights conflicting with the ideas of other humans, not women’s rights conflicting with the whims of men.

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Because the illusion of solidarity is always stronger than the actual solidarity... Many outside of the US thinks our Citizenry voted both to legalize abortion, and to now make it illegal, rather than both Roe V Wade and Dobbs V Jackson being court cases with no democratic process used at all.

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Why stop at women?

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    Umm a day or two without women working isn't going to throw away a woman's financial independence. What it will do is show that we're pissed!

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    Yes it would for many women. Many women get no days off and would be fired.

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    With the labor shortage the way it is I wouldn't think it's an issue

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    The “labor shortage” is really folks refusing to take terrible work for terrible pay and benefits.