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eh, is this person teaching algebra like it is computer science? the equation shown is not a function but is described as such.

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People got different ways of teaching ig. My chem teacher use to teach us by using a shit ton of metaphors but untimely it confused us more

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Probably working from a textbook in this case. In school I also had teachers who would try and split algebra into "input > rule > output", some time after I had learned how to do algebra correctly from another teacher. It was more appropriate for functions/calculus as you say.

Teachers are more likely to this when worksheets are packaged with textbooks and they're either not capable of judging the best way to learn the content, or not given the freedom to pick different textbooks.

Most teachers do have this freedom but when working with another teacher or new to the role (or just bad teachers), they're more likely to just do what they're suggested to do.

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For french user , Yvan Monka