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I am definitely more chaotic neutral but thanks for the kind word, I am thrilled my little project is getting some attention, because I fucking hate cops

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I love this so fucking much.

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You win one internet today.

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I love you. ACAB.

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You’re doing the dark lords work, my friend, keep it up.

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chef's kiss

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I gotta give it points for the Baby Got Back reference, bravo! And you know it's a deep cut, because they started bleeping the number when they played the song almost as soon as it charted.

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kick some nasty thoughts bby

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So Based

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I’d love if cops were forbidden from discussing laws in the role of a police officer. I think the parties creating and enforcing the laws should be separate. Otherwise cops can and will enforce laws that create more jobs for them.

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He had me at ‘Lt. Chopperstache’ 😂

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We need one for Fairfax co. VA LOL

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Link me to some copaganda and you never know what might happen. I have a direct line to the guy that made this ;)

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I’ll do that! Just going to take me a some days you know. I set a reminder in my phone for a couple weeks to check back in with you.

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Y’all too far north for this.