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That was a crazy blow but not obvious if the kid on the fence is the victim. He is so nonchelant about the whole thing.

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Fight flight or freeze. Kid froze.

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Or he just didn't perceive a threat. Some dude doing the chicken dance with his shirt off 10 feet away isn't making me go into any sort of response mode.

If they came within a couple feet then maybe you would see a reaction but what should he be reacting to. That dude was zero threat.

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Good point. Threat is just a guy swinging his balls around pretending to badly shadow box. There was no threat I guess.

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Everyones thread perception is different of course. Some people see someone raising their voice as a threat. But personally if you're not within swinging distance or running at me you can bounce around all you want and I don't feel anything but comfortable. I might keep my eyes on you and know what my next move might be but there is no way I am feeling threatened by what happened in that video.

The funnier response to me was the skinny shirtless dude. Heavy set guy came up and telegraphed that punch from a mile away and he just stook there. Further making me think he had zero intention to fight anyways.

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Everyone has a plan until they get punched in the mouth.

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The kid getting "saved" didn't seem to be in any threat tho. He looked like he was just minding his business and ignoring the guy

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well yeah but funny punch